Hebei appeared over the “anomaly”, netizens photographed the “Nantianmen”? Is Maya’s prediction to be verified?

Many mysterious phenomena on the earth are difficult to explain by science. Some time ago, a netizen in Hebei took a picture of an ancient building in the blue sky. This ancient building is clearly visible, just like the legendary “Nantianmen”. Many netizens have followed this picture. Is there an entrance to another world? Perhaps Hawking’s prediction is about to come true, which is not a good omen.


In fact, in addition to this Hebei netizen, many people also took this picture. Most people have not seen such a phenomenon, so they also started a heated discussion. Some people think that how can magnificent buildings appear in the good sky? Is the earth’s environment really facing great changes? Since 2020, many countries on the earth have broken out natural disasters to varying degrees. Now it has entered 2021, and this situation does not seem to be getting better. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this may be the forerunner of the end, and perhaps the Mayans’ doomsday prophecy will come true.


What does that mean?


Many people think that the appearance of anomalies in the sky is not a good omen, and it is likely to represent the future development situation. With the increasing spread of such words, scientists have put forward different views after seeing this picture. They think that the huge building in the sky is just a mirage, which is a very common phenomenon in nature. However, some netizens questioned that mirage can be found on the earth, why the huge building in the photo has no prototype on the earth? Maybe the building in this picture is the entrance to another world.


Although human beings have created advanced science and technology, but the understanding of the earth is still very simple, there are still many problems waiting for human beings to solve in the future. In the cognition of many scientists, the universe is not a single space, perhaps at a certain point in time and space warped, another world will appear. Therefore, the photo taken by Hebei netizens is likely to be the distortion of time and space, and the buildings in another world are refracted to the present earth.


Figures over the Aegean Sea


Strictly speaking, mirage is indeed not rare. There was a strange event in history. At that time, several huge figures appeared over the Aegean Sea. These people were galloping on the battlefield with sharp weapons. At that time, thousands of people witnessed this scene, including many scientists. When scientists looked carefully, they found that the people in the sky were actually ancient people 2000 years ago, and that was 1954.


There are many unsolved events like this, and many of them have disappeared in the long history. It’s hard for us to make textual research. With the deepening of research, more and more people believe that these unexplained mirages are probably related to the parallel universe. I don’t know what you think of them? Is there any other meaning behind these mirages?

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