Hebei farmers dream of three blink, the back of his flight of the two men, are aliens?

In our opinion, crossing is a bridge in science fiction movies. I don’t know if you have seen the notes of Yuewei thatched cottage, which is compiled by Ji Xiaolan. In this work, it was recorded that in 1792, Ji Xiaolan heard a strange thing. An old man in his 80s was enjoying the cool in the yard. At that time, he was quietly sitting down and went to the house to get something. When he came out, he found that the old man was missing. At that time, he sent all the people to look for the old man, but there was no trace.


Records in the book


At this time, someone claimed that the old man was sitting in the Laoshan temple, so he rushed to find out that the old man was really sitting in the temple, so he asked the old man how he came here. The old man claimed that he was carried to the temple by two people, but how did the old man get there from home to the temple for several hundred kilometers? A lot of people take this story as a legend, but they didn’t expect that the same scene was actually staged in 1977.


Huang Yanqiu’s


Three overflights


This incident took place in Handan City, Hebei Province in 1997. The hero of the story is Huang Yanqiu. It was the night of July 27. As usual, there was no abnormality. Because he was going to get married at the end of the year, he went to the new house which had not been decorated. On this day, he slept very deeply, as if he was hypnotized. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked by the sight in front of him. I was sleeping in my hometown. Why did I appear in the noisy street? He had never been to this place, only knew that it was a big city. When he asked the way, he knew that he had come to Nanjing. At this time, two men in traffic uniforms appeared in front of him. The two men gave him a train ticket from Nanjing to Shanghai to let Huang Yanqiu go to the Shanghai police station.


When Huang Yanqiu arrived at the Shanghai railway station, the two men in traffic uniforms had been waiting here. Huang Yanqiu sent a telegram back home. When his family learned of the situation, they were very shocked. It was only 10 hours since he disappeared. How did he travel from his hometown to Shanghai? When Huang Yanqiu came home, he told the villagers about his experience. It sounded so absurd that no one believed him. Before long, the same thing happened to Huang Yanqiu again. At that time, some young men went to Huang Yanqiu to do farm work, but they didn’t find Huang Yanqiu when they went to his home. Instead, a line of big characters appeared on the wall of his home, which said “Shandong gaodengmin, Gao Yanjin, don’t worry”.


This time, Huang Yanqiu arrived in Shanghai directly. Two more soldiers appeared in front of him, ready to take him to the army. Strange things happened. He found that only he could see the two soldiers. In September of the same year, Huang Yanqiu disappeared again, which was his third overflight. This time he saw what the two men really looked like. The two of them started to fly with him on their back and went to many places in our country. This time, they flew more than 10000 kilometers. Huang Yanqiu kept in mind the weather conditions of various cities on that day. When he returned to the village, he told the villagers about it again. Soon his three overflights attracted the attention of the media and scientists.


Is Huang Yanqiu lying?


He vowed that what he said was true, but no one believed it. Some even said that his personality was split. In order to find the two legendary men, he gave up his marriage and lost all his belongings. If he was really lying, it was not worth it.


This incident was also reported by CCTV’s “approaching science” column. At that time, the column team thought that Huang Yanqiu did not see aliens, but was just sleepwalking. Why could he buy a train ticket to go to other places? Moreover, the station and the army also have records. There is no way to make false records. What’s more interesting is that when Huang Yanqiu was hypnotized for the last time, he claimed that he was awakened by Gao dengmin. I don’t know what you think when you see here?


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