Hebei man blinks three times in his dream and takes out a meteorite. Is it the alien who left him?

There are still many unsolved mysteries in the world. I don’t know if you still remember a farmer named Huang Yanqiu. He was born in Hebei Province, but he had an experience that ordinary people can’t imagine. He once moved three times in his sleep. Every time he woke up, he was thousands of miles away from home. Some people even claimed that he met an alien, even if it was a lie detector I don’t know why.


Huang Yanqiu’s blink event


At that time, Huang Yanqiu was just 20 years old. That was in 1977. He was going to get married and have a son, but he disappeared mysteriously on an ordinary night. When he opened his eyes, he had already gone to Shanghai thousands of kilometers away from home. But his family didn’t know about this. At first, they searched around the village and didn’t find any trace. They didn’t know until Huang Yanqiu sent a telegram that Huang Yanqiu had crossed thousands of kilometers to Shanghai in just 10 hours.


At that time, China’s transportation system was not perfect, and cross provincial travel basically needed trains. It was impossible to get from Hebei to Shanghai in 10 hours, but this incredible thing happened to Huang Yanqiu. When his family brought him back, he was still absent-minded until he stayed at home for a few days, and told the villagers what happened to him. He claimed that he was sleeping as usual on the night of his disappearance. Suddenly, several noises came from the yard. When he opened his eyes, he found that he had arrived in Nanjing. When he opened his eyes, he found two people in traffic uniform waiting for him, and gave him two tickets to Shanghai. When he went to Shanghai, the two people were already waiting for him at the gate of the station.


When Huang Yanqiu told the villagers about it, the local people thought that Huang Yanqiu was lying, which was impossible. But before long, he disappeared mysteriously again. This time, he went directly to Shanghai railway station. With the help of the local people, he returned to Hebei. I thought this was the final result, but I didn’t expect that I disappeared mysteriously a few days later. This time I went to nine cities, and the two people in traffic uniform were waiting for him.


Huang Yanqiu’s meteorite


Huang Qiusheng said that the two men could fly in the sky without the aid of transportation. They went to several cities on one of them’s back. Huang Yanqiu’s experience is too legendary. Even CCTV’s “approaching science” column has reported on it. Although he passed the lie detection test, scientists have not come up with a reason.


In an interview, Huang Yanqiu also took out a meteorite, which he claimed was given to him by two people. After identification, the scientists found that this is not a meteorite on earth. Since then, Huang Yanqiu has never seen a blink event and lived an ordinary and stable life. Do you think he met an alien?

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