Hebei netizens photographed “Nantianmen”, can it lead to another world? Does parallel universe really exist?

Human beings have become the overlord of the earth, and we have solved many unsolved mysteries with science. In our opinion, mirage is a common natural phenomenon, but with the deepening of scientists’ research, we find that there are many mirages that can’t be found on the earth. Therefore, scientists speculate that this may be the display of parallel universe. Is there any basis for this statement?


The ancient society was very backward. After seeing the mirage, the ancients always associated with the gods. They thought that there were gods living in the sky. Maybe at a certain moment, the gods would appear in front of people and accept people’s worship. With the development of science and technology, we all know that there is no God and there is no heaven in the sky. There are also some mirages in history that can’t find the prototype, and there are even thousands of years of ancient people appearing in the sky of today’s world, which seems too far fetched to be explained by science.


“Nantianmen” appeared?


There was a Hebei netizen who photographed this phenomenon before. At that time, he was walking on the road and raised his hair. A tall building appeared in the sky. The building was clearly visible and full of retro color. He quickly picked up his mobile phone to shoot. When he posted his photos on social media, he also had a sentence that he suspected to have taken the legendary Nantianmen. In fact, Nantianmen is also a fairy tale. Since ancient times, no one has really seen Nantianmen, so people have always had illusions about it. Sure enough, after he published this photo on the Internet, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Some people suspect that the photos are synthetic, but experts found that there is no PS trace in the photos, and ancient buildings did appear in the sky.


In addition to this netizen, there are many Hebei netizens also see this phenomenon. Netizens have joked that the south gate may be the entrance to another world. Scientists are also at a loss when they see this picture. There are no such ancient buildings nearby. Why are there buildings in the sky that have never existed on the earth? Is this really related to the parallel world?


Over the Aegean Sea


Coincidentally, there was a strange phenomenon over Europe in 1954. At that time, the residents of the Aegean Sea were playing by the sea. Suddenly, several tall figures appeared in the sky. These people were wearing ancient costumes and carrying sharp weapons. They were fighting on the battlefield. At that time, no crew was filming a battle scene. When experts saw this scene, they thought that the people who appeared in the air were Vikings thousands of years ago. Why did ancient people appear in the modern world?


After seeing these strange phenomena, more and more people think that the parallel universe is a real existence. Perhaps at a certain time, space-time folded, and the phenomenon in another space was projected into today’s world. Maybe it will take a long time for us to solve these unsolved mysteries at the present level of science and technology, but we can’t deny the existence of parallel universes. What do you think?

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