Hebei netizens photographed “Nantianmen”? Can you enter another world? Does parallel universe exist?

Some time ago, the pan Bowen incident intensified, and the parallel universe was pushed to the forefront again. Over the years, scientists have been trying to find parallel universes, but there is no ideal effect. Does parallel universes really exist only in science fiction? With the accelerating pace of exploration, more and more people think that there may be another time and space beyond the space we can’t explore. Maybe we live a different life in another time and space.


Many scientists believe that the natural phenomena that often occur on earth may help us find parallel universes. This natural phenomenon is known as mirage. In our inherent cognition, mirage is a phenomenon formed by the refraction of light, which means that the scene in Mirage can be found on the earth. However, in recent years, scientists have re combed the mirage phenomenon, and found that there are very few prototypes to be found. Where do these ordinary scenes come from? Is it really an exhibition of another time and space?


“Nantianmen” appeared?


Generally speaking, mirages often occur in deserts and coastal cities. Some time ago, netizens in Hebei Province took such a picture, which may be able to verify the existence of parallel universe. It was a sunny afternoon. After getting up from a nap, the netizen went to the balcony and looked into the distance. He was suddenly shocked by the scene in front of him. At that time, he thought his eyes were dazed and had an illusion. However, when he took a close look, he found that there was a very retro building in the sky. There was no such building around, so he quickly took a photo. When he posted the photo to social media, it aroused heated discussion among netizens. The magnificent building in the photo may be the legendary Nantianmen.


In our cognition, Nantianmen is a scene in a fairy tale. No one has ever seen the real Nantianmen, but the pictures taken by netizens can’t find the real buildings at all, so the netizens’ brain holes are wide open. Maybe the scene in the photo is not a building on the earth, but from another time and space. In addition to the photos taken by Chinese netizens, there was a magical scene over the Aegean Sea in Europe in 1954.


Vikings thousands of years ago


At that time, thousands of people witnessed the scene, and several tall figures appeared in the blue sky. These figures were wearing armor, riding horses, and magnificent. Was there a crew shooting at that time? This is not the case. The figures in the air were Vikings thousands of years ago. At that time, no crew was shooting Vikings. The scenes were lifelike and did not look like an illusion at all.


After seeing more and more examples, scientists think that this may not be explained by ordinary optics. If we can understand the secret of mirage, we may find the entrance to the parallel universe. I wonder if you have ever experienced such a thing in reality?

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