Heilongjiang tiger forest is a wonder, three suns in a row in the sky! Analysis: rare but not afraid

Even if it rains, the sun will still rise. Day after day, sunrise and sunset have become the most common scenes on earth, and deeply affect human civilization.

But have you ever thought about seeing more than one sun on earth? Recently, in Heilongjiang Province of Northeast China, a strange “three suns” landscape appeared!


According to sources, three suns suddenly appeared in the sky of Hulin City, Heilongjiang Province, around 6 a.m. on March 16. According to photos taken by local residents, a huge aperture appeared in the sky. There are three interconnected suns in the aperture.

The sun in the center is at the center of the aperture, while the two suns on the left and right sides are at the edge of the huge aperture. However, the three Suns are obviously different in size. The sun in the middle is larger, while the two suns on both sides are smaller. However, the miracle is still very shocking.

Three suns appear in the sky at the same time, which reminds people of the story of “Hou Yi shooting the sun” in ancient China. According to legend, there are ten suns in the sky. Hou Yi shot down nine suns with his bow and arrow, leaving only one.


Now the three wonders of the sun are just like the legendary ones. According to eyewitness accounts, about an hour later, the three suns in the sky gradually disappeared until they became one.

Once caused a heated discussion on the Internet, because these three magical solar landscape appeared. Some netizens also want to ask, what’s going on?


In fact, this is a rare atmospheric optical phenomenon, called “magic sun”. In the cold sky with cirrus clouds, a large number of tiny hexagonal ice crystals are distributed. When these ice crystals approach sunrise or sunset, they will refract sunlight like a prism, forming a “halo” around the sun.

As the ice crystals sink, they line up neatly vertically, causing sunlight to refract about 22 degrees horizontally to the left and right. Three beams of light from the icicles hit people’s eyes. The middle path of the sun, coming directly from the sun in the middle, is the real sun.

The next two rays are refracted by sunlight through the hexagonal crystal column. In this way, in people’s eyes, there are two other suns on both sides of the real sun in the middle, which are actually virtual images of the sun.


|It can be seen from the weather map on the morning of 16th, 1993 that Heilongjiang Province is shrouded by the Northwest Airflow of westerly belt. It’s actually relatively cold.

In this case, part of the water vapor in the atmosphere was frozen into a large number of hexagonal ice crystals, and finally formed a mirage in Hulin, Heilongjiang Province.


In recent years, many parts of the world have similar views of the sun. For example, on November 4, 2017, the sky in Songyuan City, Jilin Province presented an amazing scene of three suns. However, foreign countries such as Switzerland, Norway, Canada and other places have witnessed the sun in recent years.

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