Helium-3, the perfect energy known to man, is only 500 kg available on the earth and millions of tons on the moon

Since the development of science and technology, it only took about a hundred years for human beings to walk out of the earth and begin to explore the universe. The great development of science and technology has also brought great changes to people’s lives, and the development of science and technology is inseparable from energy. With the rapid development of human science and technology, the demand for energy will be more and more in the future, and the traditional energy can no longer meet the demand for energy Please, we need to find more perfect energy.

Energy is the greatest contributor to the fact that people can leave the earth and enter space. However, our current space exploration has encountered great resistance, that is, the speed of the spacecraft has never been able to achieve a qualitative breakthrough. Without the super fast speed, we can not even go out of the solar system, let alone explore more distant galaxies and planets, and the obstacles to the speed of the spacecraft can not achieve a huge breakthrough The reason for the leap is also energy.

In fact, there has never been a shortage of powerful energy sources in the universe, such as stellar energy, antimatter and dark matter. However, these powerful energy sources are too far away from human beings. We still don’t know when we will have to wait until we want to use them. We can only explore and find the energy that human beings are expected to make a great breakthrough in a hundred years, which is controllable nuclear fusion.

We all know that the release of nuclear energy is divided into nuclear fission and nuclear fusion. Nuclear fission has a lot of pollution and can not be widely used. Nuclear fusion is a very stable clean energy. Its energy is far more than nuclear fission. The reaction inside the sun is nuclear fusion reaction. Although human beings can produce hydrogen bombs, there is still a long way to go before they can master controllable nuclear fusion.


It is not so easy for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion according to the normal way, but scientists have discovered helium-3, which may not be well understood by many people. In fact, it is a colorless and tasteless helium homologous gas, which is recognized as a widely used nuclear fusion energy fuel.

In our nuclear fusion reaction, neutrons will be produced in the process of fusion, which not only has certain radioactivity, but also increases the difficulty to control the fusion reaction. The situation of using helium-3 as nuclear fusion fuel is different. It does not produce neutrons in the fusion process, so the radioactivity is small, the fusion process is easy to control, environmental protection and safety. If this kind of raw material is used as basic fuel, human beings can quickly master the controllable nuclear fusion technology, so that human beings can realize more efficient, safe, cheap, clean and pollution-free new energy.

Controllable nuclear fusion technology is too important for human beings. It can be said that it is a key part of whether human civilization can enter a new stage. With it, human beings will no longer worry about energy. The problem of environmental pollution on the earth can also be fundamentally solved. People can also use cheaper energy, which can save a lot of daily energy consumption costs. Take electricity bill for example, it has a lot of advantages Controlled nuclear fusion technology, electricity will be very cheap, you want to use how to use, no longer in order to save monthly electricity, dare not use high-power electrical appliances.

In space exploration, with controllable nuclear fusion technology, nuclear fusion engines can be produced. Spaceships can easily enter space without rocket boost, and the speed of spaceships will also reach sub light speed. Flying out of the solar system will no longer be a problem, and it will no longer be difficult for ordinary people to enter space. The era of universal space exploration will come, and only at this time can human beings enter the real world It’s a new interstellar civilization.


Although helium-3 is a very good and perfect energy, the earth’s reserves are very small. At present, it has been proved that the easily available helium-3 is only about 500 kg, which is only enough for experiments and can not be widely used. In order to realize the application of controllable nuclear fusion as soon as possible, we must find a lot of helium-3 energy. Fortunately, scientists found a lot of helium-3 in the soil on the surface of the moon.

Through preliminary exploration, scientists believe that the helium-3 content of the moon is as high as 1 million tons, which is 2 million times of the earth’s reserves, enough to generate electricity for 10000 years in the world. But now it’s impossible to get helium-3 from the moon back to earth. Although human beings have carried out manned landing on the moon 50 years ago, it is still very difficult to exploit the energy of the moon.

In order to exploit the energy of the moon, we need to build a human base on the moon. A lot of mining equipment must be put on the moon, and the transportation between the earth and the moon must be guaranteed. This requires a rocket with a lot of thrust. At present, the cost of transporting materials to the moon is very high, and the carrying capacity is not large, because it also needs human’s energy Force technology to go further.

In addition, it is impossible for us to transport the lunar soil ore back to the earth to extract helium-3. We can only extract helium-3 on the moon. To extract helium-3, we need to first heat the lunar soil above 700 ℃. Because there is no oxygen on the moon, it is not easy to use combustion, so it is not so easy to extract helium-3.


Although it is not easy to exploit helium-3 on the moon, scientists continue to increase research investment, overcome technical problems, and strive to realize energy exploitation on the moon as soon as possible. One of the major goals of China’s lunar exploration project is to find helium-3 and prepare for the future exploitation of helium-3 on the moon. This is the key to whether human beings can get rid of the dilemma of energy and whether they can actually explore and navigate the interstellar space.

In the future, the moon will be an important mining base for human beings, and there will be many mining bases. All countries in the world will rush to the moon to exploit helium-3. China’s aerospace engineering is also the world’s leading level, and it will also be one of the first countries to realize lunar energy exploitation in the future. Who will land on the moon to establish a base to exploit helium-3 first will be in the future energy war and the Pacific Ocean Get an advantage in the air race.

As the moon is the closest planet to the earth, exploration is easier. There may be other planets in the solar system with rich helium-3 reserves. With the continuous progress of human space technology, we will find more planets containing helium-3 energy in the future, and human beings will no longer worry about energy. Of course, controllable nuclear fusion technology is only the first step for human beings to explore space. In the future, we will find more powerful energy sources, such as antimatter and dark matter. If controllable nuclear fusion can make the speed of spacecraft reach the speed of sublight, and antimatter can make the speed of spacecraft reach the speed of light. Dark matter may make the speed of spacecraft exceed the speed of light.

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