Hell gate suspected to be found? The fire behind the door has been burning for 46 years, but it has never been extinguished!

Is there a hell in this world? We usually only see “hell” on TV. In real life, many people doubt the reality of hell. But just 46 years ago, geologists discovered a Hellgate in Uzbekistan, behind which is a very large and deep underground cave. Uzbekistan’s hell gate has not relied on any burning materials underground, and it has been burning for 46 years, so no one dares to explore.


The unexpected discovery of “the gate of hell”

When it comes to the gate of hell, what do you think of? Is it Russia’s underground drilling to the entrance of hell or what we call today Uzbekistan’s gate of hell? This gate of hell is located in Uzbekistan. It is a huge underground cave discovered by geologists when drilling for natural gas 46 years ago. The depth of the cave is unfathomable. The cave is full of combustible gas. It has been burning for 46 years. No one dares to go down to the cave to put out the fire. I don’t know how much natural gas has been wasted in the past 46 years!


The cave was discovered by a geological team in 1974, when they moved all the equipment and tents into the cave and were drilling when it suddenly collapsed. Because of the sudden collapse, the research equipment of the investigation team also fell down. Due to the large collapse area, a huge pit with a diameter of 100 meters was formed. However, surprisingly, there was high-quality natural gas in this huge pit.


At that time, due to the lack of equipment, the members of the survey team were worried that other toxic gases would be emitted from the cave. After discussion, the research team finally decided to ignite the gas in the cave and wait until all the toxic gases were burnt out before entering the survey. So the researchers lit a fire at the entrance of the cave.

I was going to wait for the fire to burn out the poisonous gas, but I couldn’t wait for it to go out. No one could have imagined that this small torch had burned the cave for more than 40 years and never extinguished it. So this huge pit is also called the gate of hell. People wonder if the combustible gas in the cave is endless, and they don’t know how long the fire will last.


Of course, whether the geological investigation team’s practice is true remains to be verified, because generally speaking, when encountering caves full of combustible gas, people with professional instinct should report to the energy department at the first time, and then conduct investigation and exploration. In addition, the gate of hell is so huge that it contains a considerable amount of combustible gas. It is inconceivable that the experienced investigators, regardless of the consequences, recklessly left the flame to light it.


It’s a natural phenomenon to burn and never run out

Why not put out the fire and exploit it? Because there’s no time to mine. This is a common phenomenon in natural gas producing areas. When there is no transportation or storage equipment (or insufficient capacity) nearby and the wellhead can not be closed, it should be ignited. For safety’s sake, it’s better to keep it burning than to explode after accumulating a lot of gas. So there’s a reason for the man who lit the cave.


After the researchers set the fire on, it has been burning for 46 years, and it’s really like hell, punishing those who are guilty. Experts say that the gas in the cave seems to be endless and can’t be burnt out at all. So far, no one knows how many tons of natural gas there are and how long the burning will last.


As the gate of hell is full of burning natural gas, it may explode at any time. So up to now, no one dares to challenge this cave at the risk of his life, unless he wants to go to hell. Compared with Russia’s Hellgate, Uzbekistan’s Hellgate is much more normal. However, its situation is similar to that of death valley in Kunlun mountain. In fact, it is a special natural phenomenon. Today, Uzbekistan’s Hellgate has become a tourist attraction.

Guys, do you believe in hell? Welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments area!

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