His IQ is higher than that of Einstein. He once wrote in his diary: solar system or human forgery!

Einstein is a physicist who is well-known to all. He has the highest intelligence level of human beings. He has made many contributions and made many predictions in his life. However, Tesla, a scientist who is considered to be close to God, once wrote about the solar system in his diary or was forged by human beings! What an amazing prediction. Is the solar system really a forgery? If so, who is that person? How powerful is it to build the solar system?


Tesla is the inventor of alternating current. He has more than 2000 inventions in his life and declined the Nobel Prize 11 times. He was once regarded as one of the greatest electrical engineering in the United States. Some people said that he predicted the first and second world wars, met the sinking of the Titanic, and made the tongus explosion, which is 1000 times more powerful than the Hiroshima nuclear bomb. However, he wrote in his diary this time that the solar system or human forgery has always been an unsolved mystery. Now science has successfully created a mini universe. Although this is just a “mini universe” simulating the exact state, the black hole has actually formed quietly. Although it evaporates quickly in a few seconds, it is also an uncontrollable factor. Therefore, the current level of human technology is not enough to create a “mini universe”. A little carelessness will devour the earth.

But if the solar system is really forged by human beings, then the solar system was formed about 4.6 billion years ago. At that time, there was no human on the earth, so it was impossible for human beings to cause the solar system. So, only extraterrestrials existed. Could it be said that there were extraterrestrials 46 years ago, and extraterrestrials created this solar system in other star systems? According to the research of scientists, the sun was formed by most collapse concentration If it was really created by aliens, how high-end their technology was at that time, and how high their intelligence quotient was, he certainly knew that there would be our human beings. Did he create this solar shield and other things in this series to protect these creatures on our earth? Are we created by them? It’s incredible to think about it. Aliens may have known that we are human for a long time. They want to destroy us like an elephant, and it’s easier to crush an ant. Although we can’t solve it from a scientific point of view, there’s nothing strange about the size of the universe.


What do you think?


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