His “near death survey” of 154 patients showed that 64% could see other “souls”

All things in the world have a life span. The difference is the length of the life span. Although human beings are the creatures at the top of the food chain, their life span is only one hundred years. Although birth, aging, illness and death are natural laws, because human beings cannot know what the world of death is like, death has always been a mysterious “country” covered with the cloak of fear, which has aroused many people’s curiosity about death. However, only those who pass by the God of death will know what death really is.

Belgium recently published a report on the death, through the study of 154 people who have passed by the death, we can find some characteristics of human beings before death.


The study found that most of them were calm before they died and even saw strong light. Of the 154 people, 80% felt calm; 69% saw the bright light; 64% saw other souls; 5% saw “life silhouette”; 4% saw the future. Since there has never been such a research report before this report, and the number of people surveyed is too small, the survey data may be biased, but this is probably what happened before human death.

The above is the survey data of Belgium. Xiaobian will tell you something about Xiaobian.

Xiao Bian has a hair small, at the age of 12 do not know what the case of eating food wrapped in pesticides. She told me that she fell on a stone on the way to find her family after she was poisoned, but she didn’t feel any pain. When her family threw her into the car with a strap, she felt dizzy. In fact, the time she spent lying in the car was only 20 minutes, but she felt that it was like a lifetime. She was impressed by what she had experienced in just 12 years It’s a beautiful picture. “Life silhouette” was shown on her again and again. Including in the whole process of being rescued, they kept showing, and during this period, all the senses were closed. They didn’t know the pain, vertigo, cold and warm. Of course, this is only a single case of food poisoning, which does not mean big data.


Another example is an old neighbor in Xiaobian’s hometown who has been bedridden for many years. A few days before he died, he was suddenly in a good mood. He could chat with his family by leaning on his pillow, but his words were always strange. He would point to the air at the door of his home and scold. It was as if there were people standing there. He would also tell his sons to drive them away quickly. They want to take me away. If I don’t, I haven’t lived enough. But the sons don’t know what to do. They just comfort him symbolically and pretend to drive him away. In a few days, the old man disappeared without warning. At this time, the old people in other rural families said that black and white impermanence had come to haunt them, so they had to go with them. There is no way to confirm whether people can be seen, but according to the Belgian Research Report, people who are about to die may see souls.

According to the survey data of 154 people in Belgium, everyone who passes death will see or feel something different. Xiao Bian shared two examples. Do you still have them around you? Comments come out for you to see.


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