“Hollow Earth theory” reveals the existence of underground world? They didn’t want to disturb humans?

Cultures all over the world have descriptions of the underground world, such as hell, dungeons and so on. There is an indigenous people in the United States called “Hopi people”. They say that their ancestors lived underground, tall and white. Now most people may think that the earth is a solid ball, but whether the earth is solid has not been confirmed.


Russia drilled underground, about 12 kilometers deep. Our earth has a radius of more than 6000 kilometers, and the 12 kilometer deep hole is about two thousandths of the radius, so human’s understanding of the underground is only this deep.

Well, since it is a hypothesis that the earth is solid, there is a hole in the earth, that is, the earth may be hollow. In 1692, Halley, a famous British astronomer, first put forward the theory of earth hole.


The earth hole said: there is a thing like the little sun shining in the center of the earth, and people in the underground world also live on the shell. The thickness of the shell is about 1300 km, and there is an exit in the South Pole and the North Pole.


In fact, the earth hole theory can explain some of the more magical phenomena. Mammoth is a kind of animal that existed on the earth in reality. In our impression, it lives on the ice sheet and is covered with hair. Because of the discovery of their fossils in the Siberian permafrost, people speculated that mammoths lived in cold places.

However, later studies found that mammoths are the ancestors of elephants, and elephants all live in Africa and some tropical places, so mammoths should also live in such tropical places. After studying the fossils in its permafrost, we found that the food residues in mammoths’ stomach are the fruits of tropical plants.


Some experts believe that in the past, the earth was hot everywhere, including Siberia. Then one day, the weather suddenly changed, suddenly the weather became cold, and the mammoth froze to death.


The earth we see now rotates vertically. In fact, the north and south poles also rotate. Millions of years ago, Siberia was just near the equator, so mammoths lived there. Later Siberia was moved north, and the elephant froze to death.

So mammoths are actually animals living in the underground world. As a result, one day, a few mammoths accidentally came out from the entrances and exits of the north and south poles. As a result, they were so cold that they were frozen to death.


There is another explanation for the earth hole theory, that is, UFO. People mainly think that UFO comes from outer space, but people of the earth hole theory think that UFO comes from underground. They think it’s thousands of years since we have the advanced technology of UFO.


So there are technology, the world and people underground. What kind of existence are these geocentric people?

In the early years, aliens came to the earth and found that the surface of the earth was not suitable for survival, just as we now see the surface of other planets, so they went underground. As a result, they found that the underground was hollow and suitable for survival.


It is recorded in ancient books that there used to be a place called Atlantis on the earth, which was highly civilized and disappeared on the earth overnight.


According to the Old Testament, there were 12 tribes in the kingdom of Israel, but one of them disappeared, but the reason is unknown. Some people speculated that it might be down to the ground.

Having said so much, it’s all scientists’ Conjecture and reverie. Let’s take a look at people who have met geocentric people.


Richard Evelyn bird is a very famous major general of the United States. Now the scientific research station of the United States in Antarctica is named after him. At the end of 1946, the United States began to explore Antarctica on a large scale, known as “high altitude landing operation”.


A total of 4700 people were deployed, including three aircraft carriers, a bunch of cruisers and so on. On February 19, 1947, Richard participated in a flight mission, and he was missing for three hours.

During the three hours of losing contact, Richard wrote in his diary:


When he was flying the plane, he found a mass of fog. Later, he rushed into the fog and saw a hill. Then there was an oasis scene. There were mammoth like animals on the ground. At that time, he thought it was incredible. How could there be such a scene in Antarctica?


At this time, the plane will suddenly land in front of the two villages, and you will find that the communication equipment will appear in the two villages.

After the plane landed, there was a tall, white blonde man who took Richard and another pilot to a room. And an old man told Richard that originally they had no connection between the underground world and the surface world, but it was only after the United States threw two atomic bombs at Japan that they began to pay attention to the surface people. So they hope to find Richard and let him explain the situation to all the people in the world instead of fighting each other with atomic bombs. Then a mysterious force sent Richard back to where he had disappeared.


Richard contacted the military immediately after returning to the base, but the military not only didn’t believe it, but also disdained it. As a result, a week later, there was a UFO attack, and then the US Army immediately withdrew. After returning to the United States, General Richard was immediately under the control of the military. The military ordered him not to say anything about it. Although he did not say anything, it was recorded in his diary.


About the underground world, there are other people in the world who have seen it. But we can’t find out the truth at present. Maybe these secrets can be solved after the level of human science and technology is greatly improved in the future.

Do you think the underground world exists? Welcome to comment area.

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