How amazing is the Sahara eye? Why do people say that it is the lost Atlantis?

In the process of the development of human civilization, Atlantis also has a mysterious color, it disappeared in the sea overnight, it is really a pity. Since the last century, human beings have begun to study these unsolved mysteries. They have found that there are many mysteries waiting to be solved on earth, just like the eye of the Sahara, which may be related to Atlantis.

Eyes of the Sahara

In 1965, the United States launched a Gemini spacecraft. At that time, two astronauts flew in space for as long as four days. At the beginning, the whole flight process was very smooth, but when the spacecraft passed over Africa, they found a strange phenomenon that a giant eye was staring at the universe in the Sahara desert. Even the psychological quality of the astronauts, when they saw the big eye, they were also flustered, so they quickly reported to the ground control center. This huge eye is the eye of the Sahara.

In fact, in front of the discovery of Sahara by these two astronauts, there was a legend that there was a huge eye hidden in the Sahara desert. However, at that time, the level of human science and technology was limited, and the shape of the huge eye could not be seen on the ground. Until this time, the astronauts saw it with their own eyes, the name of the Sahara eye came from it. Why does a huge eye appear in the golden desert? This problem has attracted scientists’ exploration all the time. Although some people speculated that it was caused by meteorite impact, no trace of impact was found around the giant eye, and this conclusion was rejected.

The relationship between the eye of Sahara and Atlantis

I know that some people have put forward such a crazy view that the eye of the Sahara is not formed naturally, but has disappeared from Atlantis. In Plato’s dialogues, the face of this civilization was mentioned for the first time. At that time, Athens was going to have a war with it. Unexpectedly, a big flood came. Overnight, it was submerged in the eye of the small Sahara in the ocean. Were they too close?

Although the Sahara desert is now covered with thick sand, scientists have unearthed many remains of marine life in the Sahara desert, so in the distant past, the desert itself was the sea. In the dialogue, the shape of Atlantis is a ring shape, with a diameter of 23.49 kilometers. Coincidentally, the diameter of Sahara’s giant eye is 23.5 meters. These two figures are almost the same. How did they come about?

It is said that Atlantis is the civilization of making mountain copper. Mountain copper is a kind of metal, and Mauritania is also a big mineral country. Isn’t that too weird to think about?

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