How big is the biggest biological energy in the universe? Maybe the answer is beyond our imagination

After the big bang, with the birth of the universe, various celestial bodies were born, such as stars, planets and so on. In addition to these celestial bodies, the universe also formed a variety of complex and mysterious laws, such as time, space, temperature and so on.

What’s the most amazing thing born after the big bang? Maybe a lot of people will say life. Yes, no matter how mysterious the celestial bodies and dark matter are, they are far less mysterious than the birth and development of life. Since the birth of human civilization, people have been thinking about a question: what is life? In ancient times, scholars would think about it. Today, with the development of science and technology, there are still many people who would think about life.

But until now, human beings have formed a unified answer to the mystery of life. Different scholars and scientists have different understandings of life, so many schools of life have formed. Which is the final answer of life? No one knows. It is possible that the answers of human exploration about life are wrong.

When it comes to life, it must have size. Whether it’s microorganisms or complex life like animals and humans, they all have individual size. So someone asked the question: how big can the biggest creature in the universe grow? I believe this question will be difficult for many people. In fact, this question is just like chicken or egg, which is still an unsolved answer.

Human’s cognition of life is still in the earth age, because human does not have any extraterrestrial life, so we can only study and explore the mystery of life based on the life of the earth. And the size of life on earth is very obvious, the smallest are microorganisms, they need us to use a microscope to magnify it dozens or hundreds of times to see.

There are a lot of bigger creatures. The biggest creature in the sea is blue whale. Its weight can reach 180 tons. It is also the largest living animal on the earth. It is the real overlord of the sea. Now the biggest animal on land should be an elephant, weighing about 8 tons. Besides, human physique is really nothing in the biological world of the earth. Of course, human beings do not rely on their bodies to become the overlord of the earth, but rely on their intelligent brains.

Of course, whether it’s a blue whale or an elephant, they’re not the biggest creatures that have appeared since the birth of the earth. There was the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. At that time, dinosaurs dominated the earth for about 160 million years. The price of dinosaurs was generally higher than that of today’s animals. According to the research on dinosaur fossils, the largest dinosaur at that time weighed more than 200 tons.

If human beings stand in front of dinosaurs, just as we look at an ant, human beings are too small in front of dinosaurs. There was an era of giant insects before dinosaurs. At that time, due to the high oxygen content of the earth, a group of giant insects appeared. At that time, it was called the era of giant insects. It was the world of insects. The dragonflies we have seen now, in the era of giant insects, can be close to one meter in length. We can all take dragonflies as mounts and fly with us.

It can be seen that in the long history of life evolution on earth, there have been many extremely huge creatures, which are still some data that human beings can dig out. As a matter of fact, it is still unknown whether there have ever been creatures far larger than dinosaurs in the billions of years of life history of the earth. It’s too old to leave fossils.

The earth, a small living planet, is placed in the vast universe. It may not even count as dust. At present, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets similar to the earth. Most of them are super earth, and their mass and volume are much larger than the earth. The earth, a small planet of life, can give birth to some extremely huge creatures. If it is also a planet of life on the super earth, which is much bigger than the earth, how big will the life born be?

Some people may say that the size of a biological individual has no direct relationship with the mass or volume of a planet. However, we believe that the greater the mass of the super earth, it is easier to produce some super huge creatures. The reason is that super earth has too much mass and too much gravity. At this time, life on this planet must follow the law of survival of the fittest of nature.

Imagine a life planet that is 10 times heavier than the earth, and its gravity is several times that of the earth. If the life on this planet is suitable for this kind of strong gravity, it is necessary to continuously evolve a stronger body. One possibility is the birth of a group of stout dwarf creatures, which may not be big, but their limbs are very stout, so they can adapt to the strong gravity environment.

Another possibility is that the mass and size of the creatures are extremely huge. Only the bigger body and the thicker limbs can survive on this strong gravity planet. Therefore, there may be two directions of biological evolution on the super earth. One is the development of miniaturization, that is, short and fat people with short and stout limbs and thin bodies. The other direction is to develop vertically and horizontally up and around, so that organisms will be tall first, and then with extremely thick limbs, it will be easier to live on such a planet.

Therefore, it is possible for giant creatures on super earth to be many times larger than blue whales and tigers. Besides animals, plants are also life. Compared with animals, plants are not a class at all. In the primeval forest, there are many ancient trees, they are very thick and tall, far from animals can be compared. Of course, we are mainly talking about animals in the universe.

So how big can the biggest creature in the universe grow? In fact, it’s hard to say. We all know that planets can’t be infinitely large. Earth like planets like the earth have their mass limits. Beyond a certain limit, they will become gas giant planets like Jupiter. And gas giant planets are less likely to give birth to life.

If life can also be born on gas giant planets, it must be some giant creatures that can float in the atmosphere. The size of these creatures may be as large as we can’t imagine. They may be hundreds or thousands of times larger than dinosaurs. Is such a creature the largest in the universe? It’s not likely.

In fact, the mass limit of a planet limits the size of living things. No matter how big the living things born on a planet are, they are far from the mass and volume of a planet. But there may be a legendary interstellar creature in the universe, which was born in the interstellar space of the universe rather than on the planets.

This kind of interstellar creature has appeared in many science fiction and other works. Although it is a kind of cosmic creature imagined by the author in the novel, it can not be said that it is impossible to exist in the real universe. It’s really possible that such a giant creature as the star monster exists in the universe. Human’s cognition of the universe may not even be the skin of the human being, and the cognition of cosmic creatures is almost unknown.

If this star giant really exists in the real universe, its mass and volume may be comparable to that of planets, or even stars. If there is such a giant starry sky creature, then a cell in the organism may be as big as a human. A cell is equivalent to the size of the human body, which is totally unimaginable.

In the world of ants, human beings are incredible beings. In the same way, in the human world, creatures thousands of times or tens of thousands of times larger than human beings are totally unimaginable, not to mention the possibility of the existence of giant beasts in the starry sky as big as stars, which is far beyond human cognition.

Of course, human beings are still in the stage of various conjectures about cosmic creatures other than the earth. Our current scientific and technological strength is very limited, and we have no ability to go out of the solar system, let alone explore and discover any extraterrestrial life. Only with the continuous progress of human science and technology, when human beings become interstellar civilization and have the ability of interstellar navigation, we can cross the galaxy and even the whole universe.

At that time, we will be able to find a large number of all kinds of cosmic creatures in the universe, whether ordinary creatures or intelligent creatures. Their appearance and individual size will open our eyes, and at the same time, it will shock and surprise human beings. The giant creatures in the universe that we are talking about today, the kind of starry creatures whose cells are the same size as human beings, may seem like a joke today. However, it may not be possible to become a reality in the future.

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