How big is the fire at Notre Dame? More than a year has passed, and 460 tons of lead remain!

In addition to frequent natural disasters, many human accidents also have a great impact on our survival. For example, after the Chernobyl nuclear leak in 1986, there is still a large amount of radioactive material buried underground in Chernobyl, which is what we call elephant legs. As long as you stay nearby for a few seconds, human beings will be dizzy and even die.

The fire of Notre Dame

Enough to see how serious a threat nuclear leakage is to mankind. In fact, in addition to nuclear leakage, leakage pollution is also a major problem that can not be ignored by mankind. Last year, a fire in Notre Dame caused a sensation all over the world, and the whole world was angry and sorry for the fire. In fact, we can’t ignore the lead pollution while we are sorry. According to the latest scientific report, although more than a year has passed since the Notre Dame fire, 460 tons of lead released by it is still threatening human survival.

Lead levels near the church

At that time, the fire situation caused the attention of the whole world. The area where the fire spread was covered by a large amount of smoke and dust. Local residents were deeply worried about the fire. There must be a lot of harmful substances in the air. But the local government says lead levels near the church are safe. However, scientists objected to this claim and found that the lead content near the church far exceeded the defined safety limit.

After the fire, the French government sent health personnel to test the soil near the church. At that time, they found that the lead content was still lower than the safety limit. Even such a result still caused local residents’ uneasiness. They thought that only the lead content in the soil could not explain the problem, and there were still many harmful substances floating in the air If you are near the church, you will inevitably inhale these harmful gases.

What harm does lead do to human beings?

Lead is a highly toxic heavy metal, especially for children. Many children’s poisoning phenomenon, in fact, is due to the ingestion of lead containing items, or inhalation of lead containing dust. Once lead enters the human body, it will spread to every corner of the body, affecting every organ and system, especially the nervous system. Many patients with lead poisoning will have neurological disorders, such as coma, epilepsy, and even death in severe cases.

So, the impact of the Notre Dame fire is very great. Scientists have been collecting soil samples near the church from December last year to this year, and up to now they have collected 100 samples. According to the results of the researchers, the fire may have left 1000 kilograms of lead in the area. So the local residents still can’t take it lightly, and they should do a good job of safety protection when they go out.

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