How big is the sun on Pluto? If you could get to Pluto, what would you see?

“Planet X on the edge of the solar system will become the ninth largest planet in the solar system.”

In 1930, astronomer Clyde William Tombaugh announced this shocking news.

Pluto is about 6 billion kilometers away from the earth. For us, its existence is remote and mysterious.

Before 2006, people can only see a vague spot through the Hubble telescope. What will be on this celestial body? If you could go to Pluto, what would you feel?

On January 19, 2006, NASA spent a lot of money to build the “New Horizons” space probe. Starting from the earth, new horizons gradually approached Pluto to visit the distant planet on the boundary of the solar system.

The new horizons launched with the cosmos v-551 rocket and flew at a speed of 45 kilometers per second. Because Pluto is too far away from the earth, if you don’t work hard to accelerate, you will be dragged back and forth by the strong gravity of the sun.

After nearly ten years of space travel, “New Horizons” arrived at Pluto and launched a close-up exploration of Pluto. So why is there no other spaceship or manned spaceship to board Pluto except new horizons?

First, long distance and long mission cycle. The long mission cycle shows that with the current level of human science and technology, we are far from being able to realize our desire to go to Pluto. Because Pluto is too far away from the sun to use solar energy, and there is no atmosphere, if there is a space probe landing Pluto, it will need to consume more fuel to slow down.

Second, it will take more than nine years for new horizons to fly to Pluto. If the astronauts are really sent up, how much material will they have to carry!

Third, Pluto’s surface temperature is from – 238 ℃ to – 218 ℃, which is too difficult for human beings to overcome. This is a frozen world.

The sun is far from enough to shine on Pluto, so what does the sun look like from Pluto?

As we all know, Pluto is 30 Au (4.4 billion km) from the sun’s perihelion and 49 Au (7.4 billion km) from the apogee.

You must not think that you can’t see the sun here. Although the distance is so far away, the brightness of the sun is still very dazzling. If you look directly at the sun, it will be very uncomfortable. Scientists have calculated that if you look at the sun from Pluto, the light of the sun is 251.2 times brighter than if you look at the full moon from earth.

Do you have more illusions about Pluto? Xiaobian thinks that it is certain to go to Mars in the next few years. What about going to Pluto? By then, will what we see from Pluto be the same as we think it is now? What do you think? Welcome to comment area.

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