How big is the universe? Scientists calculate a set of data, human may never find the end!

How vast is the universe? The earth is as small as a grain of sand, human beings can almost ignore it!

How big is the universe? We often use vastness to describe it, which is just a general adjective. In fact, the real universe is far beyond our imagination, and the knowledge of human beings can not be known at all. In fact, unlike other animals, human beings have wisdom and consciousness, and create high technology through powerful thinking. With the improvement of science and technology, with the help of its power, human beings realize their long cherished wish for many years, get rid of the shackles of the earth, and enter the vast universe.

It’s much wider than the sea. For ordinary people who have never entered the universe, we can never realize the magnificence of the universe. In the eyes of mankind, the earth is a grand planet. I don’t know that it is as small as a grain of dust in the universe, let alone human beings. Only in this way can we set off the vastness of the universe. How vast is the universe? The earth is as small as a grain of sand, human beings can almost ignore it!

The size of stars in the universe

The earth has a circumference of about 40076km. For those hikers, they can really feel despair. It is estimated that it will take them a lifetime to reach the end of the earth, let alone the universe. From the macroscopic view of the universe, there are countless stars larger than the earth. Take Jupiter for example, its volume is 1321 times larger than that of the earth. In front of it, the earth is like a drop of water, which is easy to be ignored.

Compared with Jupiter, the earth is lucky, because it is located in a unique position, and there are countless protective stars around it, which makes the earth safely exist for so many years. Even if an asteroid dashes straight toward the earth, it will be attracted by Jupiter’s strong gravity, which will block countless disasters for the earth. As we all know, the speed of light is generally recognized as the fastest speed in the universe. Some people thought that if human beings can reach the speed of light, can they reach the end of the universe? Obviously, the universe is so big that the speed of light is not worth mentioning on the scale of the whole universe.

Uy, the largest star in the universe

There is a very large star in the universe, called uy scutellus. Its diameter is about 2.4 billion kilometers. It takes quite a long time to travel this distance at the speed of light. Judging from its size, it has reached the peak of the universe. In recent years, relevant research reports have pointed out that the size of the universe is far more than that, and human cognition of the universe will change accordingly. Scientists predict that there are at least dozens of superclusters in the universe that can be observed by human beings, and there may be more unobservable areas. Such a huge amount is unacceptable to anyone, which leads to the fact that human beings can’t figure out the actual size of the universe up to now.

According to the big bang theory, the universe is expanding infinitely. At the same time, the distance between stars is getting farther and farther, and the speed of light is hard to catch up with. Therefore, it becomes an unobservable area for human beings. Because of the existence of unobservable areas, human beings will never know the real size of the universe. We can only use some broad adjectives to summarize it What we need to do is to upgrade high technology so as to gain the power to explore the unknown and get closer to the universe. The answer of the universe is never accurate.

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