How can human beings reach the first level of civilization? Solve these three problems, or can achieve!

It is difficult for human beings to overcome three major problems. Solving one of them may lead to a first-class civilization!

Since the first industrial revolution, it has opened a new direction of human development. With the rapid development of science and technology, it took mankind only 200 years to get rid of the control of the earth and become the real master of the earth. We have to say that all species on the earth are evolving very fast. Although human beings have become the masters of the earth, they are weak and pale in the face of many natural disasters.

Compared with the time scale of the universe, the history of human beings is simply insignificant, and many scientists are extremely worried. If there are other alien civilizations in the universe, and one day the technology level is higher than that of human beings, and the position of the earth is discovered, will they come to attack human beings and occupy our earth? If this is the case, it will be a disaster, and scientists’ worries are reasonable. Nowadays, people have a deeper understanding of the universe. Scientists have divided the civilization of the universe into three levels. It is difficult for human beings to overcome three major problems. Solving one of them may lead to a first-class civilization!

Every level of energy is infinite, especially the third level civilization, which can use any energy in the universe. The first level civilization is the weakest, which can only use the energy of Jupiter and the surrounding satellites. If we really want to do fine calculation, human beings may not even reach the first level of civilization, which is like an unbridgeable gap. Scientists believe that as long as the following three problems are solved, human civilization will have a leap forward development. So what are the three major problems?

The first is controlled fusion. The reason why the sun glows and heats is mainly due to nuclear fusion reaction, but this kind of reaction can not be controlled by human beings. After all, the difficulty coefficient of mastering it is too high, and human civilization that can’t even reach the first level can’t be controlled. As long as one day in the future, human beings can master nuclear fusion reaction, human civilization will have a qualitative leap, which we are happy to see.

The second is the limit of life. Everyone’s life is limited. Compared with the earth, the short life is just a drop in the ocean. If human beings really have the ability to fly out of the solar system, maybe one day of a planet is human life. The life span of human beings should conform to the laws of nature, and the possibility of achieving immortality is very small. Maybe one day after reaching immortality, we can break through the limit of civilization.

Finally, there is a breakthrough in materials. If we want to have a deeper understanding of the universe, we must have more advanced materials. The characteristics of these materials also have requirements. They should not only have high temperature resistance, but also have the ability of wear resistance. Only with such high purity materials can we successfully reach other planets. For human beings, these problems are unprecedented challenges Maybe human beings have no ability to achieve it at present, but science and technology are constantly improving. As long as we persist, it will come true one day. Scientists think that if one of the problems can be solved, there will be a great breakthrough in human civilization. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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