How can scientists predict the future of human beings? Are you sure it’s still human?

As for the future of human evolution, I believe many people are as curious as Xiaobian. For this reason, a foreign scientist simulated the appearance of human beings 100 years later.

One hundred years later, in order to better protect the brain and cervical vertebra, human beings have not evolved like individuals. Here is a picture of human beings simulated by a biologist in Australia. He thinks that human beings will gradually choose to eliminate some uncommon organs in the process of survival. So slowly evolved into this way, due to the huge changes in the body structure, human resistance to external forces will be stronger after 100 years, such as car accidents, falls and so on. But Xiaobian just wants to say that human beings 100 years ago are not so different from today. Why is there such a big difference after 100 years? Are you really out of your mind?

There is another version of the future evolution of human beings: due to global warming, melting glaciers and rising sea levels, people will evolve to adapt to water. As shown in “water world” many years ago, human beings will be closer and closer to amphibians. The process of human evolution is a long and slow process, and in the process of human evolution is not only affected by environmental factors, including human factors. So it is untenable to speculate about the future of human beings only based on global warming.

The following two pictures are the Internet pictures of the future of human beings designed by American scientists. Looking at these pictures, Xiaobian feels that they are the inspiration of American scientists from the movie “water world”. But it’s much uglier than in the movie.

We humans have lived on the earth for millions of years, from the earliest Australopithecus to the present Homo sapiens. Homo sapiens is the present human. Human beings are the same as all living things. Evolution is for better survival. Under natural selection, some organs are eliminated or evolved. According to the current social situation, human beings rely on intelligence, and in the future of medical development, human beings may live longer.

In addition, because of the relationship between intelligence, people’s brains may become more and more intelligent. Like the earth people in space in “machine story”, the brain must be active in the end. And as the hole in the ozone layer gets bigger and bigger, human beings may lose all their hair and wrinkle a lot. At the same time, in order to breathe air, the nose will become bigger.

Of course, these are not the only guesses about the appearance of human beings. Some people think that technology has replaced the brain, so the human brain will become smaller and smaller. Because our eyes often stare at electronic devices, our eyes may become like the eyes of the snake spirit in journey to the west, big as lanterns. As shown in the figure below.

There are many conjectures about the appearance of human beings in the future. Xiaobian thinks that people will become ugly. Can you accept the ugliness of your offspring?

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