How can such a strange thing happen to you when you are granted the title of Lord by living with the Empress Dowager!

In ancient times, those who have an affair with a woman in the harem must have a bad ending. If you collude with the concubines who have some status in the harem, you will be killed in a hurry.

However, everything is not so absolute. In history, there was a man who had adultery with the Empress Dowager and finally became a prince. He had the feeling of selling his body to gain fame.

His name is Han Degang, and the Empress Dowager he has been with for a long time is Xiao Yanyan, the Empress Dowager of Liao state. Now let’s take a look with Xiaobian. In what kind of environment did such shameless things happen!

This happened during the confrontation period between Song Dynasty and Liao Dynasty. At that time, Liao empress dowager Xiao Yanyan became a widow at the age of 30. In order to fill the void in her heart, she chose Han de rang as her male pet.

For a man, such a thing itself is a disgrace, but handlet was pleased to accept, and the two get along very well.

The Empress Dowager began to rely on him for trust, and everything around him would ask him about a wonderful thing. Over time, Han de rang was unbreakable in the Empress Dowager’s heart. In the end, he was canonized as king of Jin and mastered the actual power of Liao at that time.

At the end of Tang Dynasty, it was a chaotic period when the feudal regime was divided. Qidan people in the north often went south to plunder. In a war of plunder, henderjean’s grandfather was also caught in the north.

Han was a scholar with good writing skills, so he survived. Instead of becoming a slave, he became a low-level official of Liao state. It’s a blessing in misfortune.

In the generation of Han De’s father Han kuangsi, Han kuangsi became one of the famous generals of Liao state, responsible for defending the Central Plains Dynasty in the south.

One day in the summer of 979 ad, Han de rang was ordered to take over from his father to guard Youzhou. Just two months after Han de rang took office, Zhao Guangyi, Taizong of the Song Dynasty, led more than 300000 troops in the northern expedition.

Zhao Guangyi did not pay attention to Han Derang at all, but in the actual attack process, Han Derang’s strategy made the song army helpless.

It is precisely because of Han de rang’s outstanding performance in the first World War of Youzhou that he was promoted to a senior general of Liao state. Before long, Liao Jingzong died, and Xiao Yanyan, the Empress Dowager at that time, was only 30 years old.

It is in this context that Han De’s adultery with Xiao Yanyan, the Empress Dowager of Liao, began.

If this matter was put in the Central Plains Dynasty at that time, they might have been drowned by everyone’s spitting star. However, Liao is a nomadic nation in the north, which is very open.

Xiao Yanyan’s adultery with powerful officials at that time, on the one hand, can keep his son’s throne, on the other hand, can win people’s hearts and let him continue to serve for himself. What’s more, there’s a place to vent your desires.

Some netizens who are familiar with history may know that our Han de rang was finally given his surname by the emperor of Liao state and changed his name to Yelu Longyun.

In the society at that time, it was a great honor to be granted a national surname. Except for those who made outstanding contributions, it was very difficult for ordinary people to get such treatment.

Henderjean is also a skillful man. He whispered in empress Xiao’s ear day after day, and eventually Han de rang was named king of Jin.

Adultery with the empress dowager, even was canonized as the king, this thing in ancient Chinese history is estimated to be the only one. It’s no wonder that people in the Song Dynasty often ridiculed them, which was really a corruption!

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