How can super earth aliens escape from the planet’s gravity? Scientists say a space catapult may be used

Since the successful launch of the first man-made satellite by the former Soviet Union, mankind has officially declared that mankind can go out of the earth and taken an important step of epoch-making significance in space exploration. We know that the more massive a star is, the more attractive it is. The reason why the sun can attract other stars to revolve around it is because the sun is so big and massive. The Earth naturally has gravity. Everything on the earth is firmly attracted, making it unable to leave the earth and enter outer space.

If we want to explore outer space, we need to get rid of the shackles of the earth’s gravity. If a rocket or spacecraft wants to get rid of the shackles of the earth’s gravity, its speed should reach 40000 km / h. to achieve this speed, we are using a lot of energy from the combustion of chemical fuels, which can send the aircraft into space. This speed is determined by the volume and mass of the earth.

However, there are many earth like planets in the universe, and many of them have a mass larger than the earth. Scientists call the earth like planets with a mass more than 10 times larger than the earth super earth. So if there is an alien civilization on the super earth, the speed that xiutianqi needs to get rid of the shackles of gravity to successfully enter space is much faster than that on the earth.

If the chemical combustion and propulsion mode on earth is adopted, it is basically impossible for the alien civilization on super earth to enter space, unless there are more advanced fuels such as nuclear fusion. For a newly developed civilization, it is impossible to study the boosting mode of nuclear fusion, so what methods will aliens take to get rid of the gravitational shackles and successfully enter space?

Recently, in a research report, some scientists described a set of hybrid launch system that may be used by super earth aliens. This system does not use rockets to boost the launch of spacecraft, but uses a “space airdrop”. To put it simply, a huge cable is placed on the orbit of the planet, which is more than several thousand meters long. The loop rotates around the center of the planet, and one end of the cable will fall toward the surface of the planet, which means that the rocket’s flight to the air is shortened, and the rocket hooks one end of the cable. The spinning “space airdropper” will continue to rotate to push the rocket upward. The process is like a catapult structure, which makes the super earth rocket to a further position.

In fact, the concept of “space airdrop” has existed for a long time, and this may be the best propulsion method for super earth alien civilization to enter space in the early days. It is impossible to get rid of the constraints of planet gravity on super earth by chemical fuel propulsion. Of course, with the development of science and technology of alien civilization to a certain extent, they don’t need this kind of space airdrop method to launch spacecraft. They can use nuclear fusion rocket to push, and they can easily send spacecraft into space. This is also a rocket boost way for human beings in the future. With the new boost mode of nuclear fusion, spacecraft can even fly directly from the earth without rocket boost Take off into space.

In fact, there is another mode to enter the space, that is, the space elevator, which is also a concept put forward by scientists. However, to build a space elevator, there is a high demand for materials. Our earth’s current materials are still not good. When we have stronger new materials in the future, it will be possible to build a space elevator. At that time, when the aircraft enters the space, it can follow the space elevator It’s a lot easier to get in and out of space without rocket boost.

There are countless earth like planets in the universe, and human beings are not the only civilization. The more massive the earth like planets are, the more likely they are to be civilized. At the same time, once these super earth civilizations go out of the planet, their civilization strength is relatively high, and the starting point is much stronger than that of the earth. We can use chemical fuel to push them into space for exploration If the extraterrestrial civilization on the earth wants to enter the space exploration, if it depends on the fuel boost, it must successfully develop the nuclear fuel boost. Therefore, once they have the ability to enter the space, their strength may be far stronger than that of human beings on the earth.

However, the development of human civilization is also very fast. Maybe our civilization will enter the interstellar civilization in the future. When we go to explore the super earth, we may see that the alien civilization on the super earth has not gone out of the planet yet. Although their civilization technology strength has been very developed, it is too difficult to enter the space without more powerful fuel. Therefore, human beings should feel lucky that the volume and mass of the earth is not very large, which is of great significance for human beings to enter space as soon as possible to explore space. Which civilization step into space earlier, the greater the chance it will get, and the faster the civilization’s strength will be improved, my friends, what do you think?

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