How can the “foodie” bacteria help human beings to the greatest extent?

The earth we live on now is indeed over dependent on non renewable energy, such as coal and oil; moreover, due to the love of all kinds of high-carbon food, it has led to climate change; and then, human beings have opened the mode of using plastics, which makes the earth and ocean have a huge pollution of plastic particles. These are all human behaviors. However, if we want to eliminate them, we may have a way to use bacteria, which sounds unrealistic, but as long as we use them, our future happiness may be in the hands of these microorganisms.

1. Health

For example, we can accurately use certain bacteria in medicine, as long as we understand its principle. For example, Escherichia coli is a kind of bacteria that generally parasitizes in the body, and basically has no great harm. After decades of research, we have a full understanding of it, so scientists can use the means to turn it into a programmable micro biological computer to treat various diseases. For example, some probiotic strains of Escherichia coli can search for cancer In the end, it can phagocytize the tumor.

2. Production and life

As I have just said, bacteria are excellent chemists. They can not only become anticancer drugs, but also produce large quantities of fuel. For example, a professor at the University of Manchester has edited a protease, which is found in many bacteria. Then these enzymes can be fermented to decompose human food waste and generate propane gas, which is a very clean fuel.

For a Sustainable China, this is undoubtedly a very good example. On the industrial level, most industrial fermentation systems are made of steel and must be carefully disinfected to ensure that no miscellaneous bacteria ever enter the fermentation tank. However, except for Halomonas, no other microorganisms can survive in the Halomonas fermentation system. Therefore, if scientists can successfully implant protease into Halomonas, it will be of great significance In this case, it is very beneficial for human beings and general manufacturing industry.

3. Sewage

Bacteria are also important helpers in sewage treatment. We usually use oxygen consuming microorganisms to understand that waste water means that waste water must be pumped to keep the air, but this way costs a lot. So an American company used Geobacillus and schwarzenella and other electroactive bacteria in his system. Both bacteria are able to swallow impurities in water and release electrons and other particles. At the same time, bacteria can be used to convert the carbon dioxide into methane.

4. Pollution

As we all know, in the 2010 oil spill on the special platform deep into the horizon in the Gulf of Mexico, a large number of bacteria immediately multiplied in four weeks. In fact, bacteria would eat all the foods containing carbon and sugar, and some bacteria had already eaten oil. So now scientists are gradually beginning to pay attention to which bacteria are best at decomposing oil. One is that these oil eating bacteria can completely devour the oil in seriously polluted areas. However, there is a potential problem in this method. Nowadays, there is little research on bacteria in soil and oil, and it is just like the entry of alien species. Is it alien Will bacteria compete fiercely with native bacteria?

In 2018, the scientists and his team found an enzyme that can help bacteria in the soil carry out penicillin, so they transferred this kind of enzyme to E.coli, which is basically harmless. Although we have many difficulties to overcome about bacteria, the scientists also show that the bacteria whose gene has been edited may eventually be used to treat sewage or remove water It’s on antibiotics.

So now we need enough time to transform bacteria, and we hope that researchers can find a solution to the problem, turn bacteria into an important weapon to deal with various problems and pollution.

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