How could the origin of dinosaurs 120 million years ago be a degenerated primitive bird?

Now scientists have come up with an interesting hypothesis: 120 million years ago, there were birds – these birds were part of the dinosaurs that had degenerated before, 150 million years ago. What’s more exciting for scientists is that this kind of fossil was first discovered in Germany, and it was earlier in 1951, when scientists called it Archaeopteryx.

This Archaeopteryx is the origin of birds, which is now accepted by many scientists. However, there are still many controversies on this issue, some of which agree that these birds are the origin of dinosaurs.

The idea that birds originated from dinosaurs has not been generally accepted at home or abroad. However, in 1993, farmers in northern Liaoning Province of China discovered bird fossils. The fossil is about 30 cm long, and scientists can confirm that it originated in the early Cretaceous period 140 million years ago, so researchers named it Confucius bird. The characteristics of Confucius bird are more than that of Archaeopteryx.

But when they did their research, they found that Confucius bird also had the characteristics of reptiles, and this reptile may be changlinlong. Although this animal is called dragon, it is a reptile similar to dinosaur.

And they have very strange characteristics. First of all, they have feathers of birds. In fact, they have scales of reptiles. The main components of both are β – keratin.

To sum up, the Confucius bird should be one of the origins of all birds, but this kind of Confucius bird has very strange characteristics. First of all, it has the characteristics of reptiles, which means it has feet. In fact, it still has the characteristics of birds, so it still has feathers. Therefore, scientists are very confused, is the origin of dinosaurs really this kind of thing? But in addition, there is a dinosaur and some things called changlinlong, perhaps this is its origin.

Well, the animals just mentioned are neither birds nor birds, but they have both characteristics. At the same time, their feathers are very symmetrical. At the same time, the most important point is that they are exactly the same as the existing birds. They have a very orderly behavior of changing their feathers regularly. After all, there has never been such a strange boundary in biology. This dragon refers to dinosaurs, and they are like birds.

In addition, the research team of the Chinese Academy of Sciences once cooperated with scientists from the Israeli Academy of Sciences to study nearly 300 kinds of birds. Later, it was found that birds began to know how to molt 70 million years ago, which means that birds appeared in the late Cretaceous and were the earliest birds. Therefore, it is totally wrong that some birds evolved after the extinction of dinosaurs.

Using biologists to put forward their own views, in this case, whether the evolution of birds has gone through many processes, such as primitive birds and living birds. As we all know, primitive birds disappeared after the fifth mass extinction, and modern birds began to be born.

Although there are still many mysteries, with the further development of science and technology, the answer to the breeding of birds and their ancestors is gradually being revealed.

Although in the eyes of many people, dinosaurs have been completely extinct, only fossils exist. The real state of living dinosaurs is neither visible nor palpable, which costs a lot of human and material resources to study It’s meaningless to explore and study, but what they don’t know is that these diverse dinosaurs are the wonders of life in the ancient world and an indispensable part of the history of the earth. Just as we are now the masters of the earth, the earth was dominated by dinosaurs. Their extinction is the most powerful alarm for mankind. The more we know about them, the better we will be Will pay more attention to what nature brings us.

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