How did 17 giant holes appear in the Arctic? What scientists are worried about is coming true?

Many things that are difficult to explain by science often happen on the earth. Just a while ago, many potholes appeared in the Yamal peninsula of Siberia. These potholes are of different sizes, attracting many tourists to visit. Some people think that these holes are actually related to alien civilization. In these mysterious giant holes, maybe this alien base will be built. Is this true?

Arctic caves

The pilot found this by accident when he flew over here. At that time, the pilot found a huge cave on the ground, but the cave actually appeared on the plain. This phenomenon attracted the attention of the pilot, and then reported this phenomenon to the scientific research institutions. Scientists came here to measure and found that the depth of the cave is 50 meters. This is not the only huge cave in Siberia. Nearby, scientists have found caves of different sizes. These caves are of different depths, and they are very eye-catching on the endless plane.

This incident caused a big stir. Many people think that these caves are not natural, they are probably the masterpieces of aliens. Maybe they set up a base under the caves. However, after careful investigation, scientists found that there was a large amount of methane in the caves, which was 50000 times higher than that in the ordinary air. They found that these caves first appeared in 2013. In the beginning, a small hill will appear near these caves. As time goes on, the caves will appear slowly.

Scientists have found that there is also an oil and gas field nearby. Maybe the production of these caves is related to the natural gas. The natural gas gathers together, which leads to the appearance of hills on the flat ground and finally the appearance of cavities. It’s been many years, and there are many huge caves in Siberia. Now there are 17 of them. With the development of science and technology, scientists believe that the formation of these caves is probably related to the change of the earth’s environment.

With the extensive exploitation of the earth’s resources, carbon dioxide emissions are increasing year by year, the temperature of the north and south poles is gradually rising, and the frozen soil layer begins to melt. The appearance of these holes may not be a good thing. As the permafrost melts, the remains of many prehistoric organisms are exposed, and unknown viruses and bacteria also appear. If these viruses spread wildly and cause epidemic diseases, can we really deal with them calmly?

Therefore, in the process of economic development, we should also pay attention to the emission of greenhouse gases, improve science and technology, and effectively treat these greenhouse gases and pollutants before they are discharged, which can also reduce the burden on the earth’s environment. I don’t know what you think?

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