How did dinosaurs die out 65 million years ago? You wouldn’t think of that

Since the birth of the earth 4.6 billion years ago, the biological system has been updated several times, that is, several mass extinctions. The most recent one is the 65 million year old extinction of dinosaurs. Modern scientists have all kinds of conjectures and views on the extinction of dinosaurs. The mainstream view is that meteorites hit the earth.

About 65 million years ago, an asteroid broke away from the gravity of the asteroid belt and hit the earth. At that time, the dinosaurs living on the earth did not know that an extinction disaster was coming. Dinosaurs have lived on the earth for more than 100 million years. Its huge body made dinosaurs the overlord of the earth at that time. They were creatures at the top of the food chain, just like us.

Some people say that although dinosaurs have lived on the earth for more than 100 million years, which is much longer than that of human beings, dinosaurs have no wisdom. Is that really the case? After more than 100 million years of evolution, an animal, especially the creature at the top of the food chain, could not have been born with wisdom. Perhaps the dinosaurs at that time already had preliminary wisdom, and they might also have preliminary civilization.

But the disaster came. After several years’ flight, the asteroid separated from the asteroid belt finally collided with the earth. When the asteroid passed through the atmosphere, the huge fireball burned and the huge noise caused by the friction with the atmosphere startled the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs raised their heads and saw the strange sky. At the same time, they also felt the death. They showed their fear.

Then there was a loud bang. The meteorite hit the ground, causing a huge earthquake. The shockwave spread all around. At the same time, the magma inside the earth also spewed out. Asteroid impact on the earth, it is impossible to wipe out the dinosaurs all over the world, but after the impact, the earth’s environment has changed dramatically. Dinosaurs can not survive in the changing environment, and finally all of them died out, including 90% of other creatures on the earth at that time.

This is what scientists think is the dinosaur extinction caused by the asteroid impact on the earth. Now there is a huge crater on the earth. Some scientists think that this may be the result of the asteroid impact on the earth that year. Of course, some scientists do not agree with this view, and think that there is another reason for the extinction of dinosaurs.

Some people think that the extinction of dinosaurs may have something to do with the origin of human beings. We know that human beings appeared millions of years ago and evolved from apes. However, with the continuous in-depth study of scientists, there are more and more doubts about the origin of human beings. There are countless creatures on the earth. Can apes evolved into intelligent human beings millions of years ago? It’s a bit against normal scientific theory.

Some scientists believe that the origin of human beings may be related to aliens. 65 million years ago, an alien scientific research spacecraft came to the solar system and discovered the life planet earth. These aliens came to the earth and found that there were abundant species on the earth at that time. At that time, dinosaurs were the dominant large creatures, and they also found that dinosaurs had certain wisdom and formed a life cycle Primitive civilization.

But dinosaurs are not in line with the aesthetic of aliens. At the same time, aliens also found another kind of human beings on earth, which is ape. Maybe aliens are human like intelligent life, and apes are in line with their image, so aliens decided to transform apes to make them evolve to intelligent life faster.

Aliens captured some apes on the earth and genetically modified them. After genetic modification, the wisdom of these apes has improved significantly. More importantly, it paved the way for the later evolution of apes, so that they can evolve into intelligent civilization in a short period of time. After completing part of the ape transformation, the aliens found a very important problem.

At that time, the overlord of the earth was dinosaur, and there was a certain amount of wisdom. Although the ape also had wisdom after transformation, its physical quality could not be compared with dinosaur, and 100 ape men could not defeat a dinosaur. How could this work? In case there was a war between dinosaur and ape man after the alien left, ape man would be defeated. Before ape developed into advanced wisdom, life would be destroyed Dead. Dinosaurs couldn’t have watched the intelligent life of apes develop like this on earth.

At this time, the aliens decided to carry out an extinction plan for the dinosaurs on the earth. They sent a large number of aircraft to kill all the dinosaurs that can be seen on the earth with laser weapons. Only in this way can the transformed ape man develop smoothly and safely. Then the aliens left the earth. After hundreds of thousands of years of evolution, these apes gradually formed primitive society and gradually developed into human beings Feudal society, until now, scientific and technological civilization.

Are dinosaurs extinct? Archaeologists have found many dinosaur fossils on the earth, but there were many dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Scientists suspect that some dinosaurs may have survived and entered the earth’s interior. No matter whether the extinction of dinosaurs was caused by asteroid impact or alien destruction, dinosaurs at that time may have had some wisdom, when they found that a catastrophe was coming.

The wise among the dinosaurs found the passage to the earth’s core, led some dinosaurs to the earth’s core, and finally avoided the extinction disaster. Although human science and technology are unable to explore the interior of the earth, people yearn for the mystery of the interior of the earth. Many scientists also believe that the interior of the earth may have another space, and the area may not be smaller than the surface.

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