How did Gagarin, the first man in space, die? Or is it related to aliens

The universe is vast and mysterious. Ever since human beings developed space telescopes and saw all kinds of celestial bodies and all kinds of strange scenery outside the earth, they thought that one day they would be able to carry people into space to have a look. This day was finally realized on April 12, 1961, when former Soviet cosmonaut Gagarin flew into space on behalf of human beings on “dongfang-1” and became the first human on earth to enter space.

This is the glory of Gagarin, but also a great progress of all mankind. Mankind can finally walk out of the earth. For a time, Gagarin has become a hero of the Russian nation and the people of the world. This year, Gagarin’s 27 years, his future should be bright, but just as people were celebrating heroes, Gagarin and his flight coach were training in a training ground outside Moscow on March 27, 1968, when they accidentally crashed and died.

A generation of heroes came to an end like this. A normal flight training led to an accidental crash. The Soviet people had all kinds of doubts, and they couldn’t accept them. So thousands of people asked the government to thoroughly investigate the Gagarin crash and give people a truth.

Soon, the Soviet government set up an expert investigation committee to conduct a detailed investigation of the crash. But at that time, the central leader of the Soviet Union, Leonid Brezhnev, suddenly ordered that the investigation report, which had formed more than 30 volumes of files, be put on the shelf and kept tightly sealed. The government strictly forbids all those who participate in the investigation to form any summative views, because it only endangers the national security. Since then, history has also cast a layer of mystery on Gagarin’s death.

At that time, people even doubted that Gagarin’s crash was not an accident. There was definitely a conspiracy. At that time, some people suspected that Brezhnev, a jealous Soviet leader, was very jealous of Gagarin’s popularity, because Brezhnev, as the leader of the Soviet Union, thought Gagarin had seriously affected his absolute authority, so he authorized the KGB agent I did something about Gagarin’s plane. But it’s a bit unlikely that a space hero provokes the jealousy of a country’s top leader and makes him die.

Now, half a century later, what is the truth? Is there any new progress in the disintegration of the Soviet Union? Recently, several investigators who participated in the investigation revealed some clues about Gagarin’s death when they were about to die. When the investigators told some of the truth, people were surprised, because the Gagarin incident was related to aliens. What’s the matter? Why did the aliens come out.

Let’s go back to 50 years ago, Gagarin said in a news interview after returning from space: “they are real and fly at incredible speed. I’d like to talk more about what I see in space, if I may

This passage shows that Gagarin saw a UFO in space, that is, an alien. But this is a state secret, and Gagarin can only keep it secret.

Why did the Soviet government dare not make it known? Maybe they also know some inside information, so there is a problem with Gagarin’s plane crash. We can roughly have two possibilities. One is that aliens are afraid that Gagarin will tell the world the fact of their existence, so they did something on Gagarin’s training plane, leading to the crash and death. Another possibility is that it was done by the former Soviet government for fear that Gagarin would reveal the secret.

The former Soviet government may have secret contact with aliens, and Gagarin is the first person to fly into space. He may have inadvertently learned some secrets that can not be seen. Despite the confidentiality agreement, the former Soviet government is still not at ease. Only the dead can shut up forever. That’s why he planned the plane crash.

UFOs often appear on the earth, and some UFOs can often be seen in outer space. The earth feels very mysterious, and the astronauts who have been in space have said that they have indeed seen some UFOs in space. This is absolutely not a coincidence. Although scientists claim that aliens have not been found in the universe, what are the UFOs often seen on the earth and in outer space What’s going on? It’s made by human beings. It’s absolutely impossible. The technological content of these aircrafts is too high, and the anti gravity technology can’t be made by current human civilization. If UFO could be created, human beings would have carried people to all the planets in the solar system, and even to explore beyond the solar system. It’s not easy to go to the moon like this.

Where did these UFOs come from and who made them? People generally suspect that it is actually aliens. Maybe there are alien bases on some planet around the earth, and there may also be alien bases in some places on the earth. Powerful countries like the United States must know some inside information. Maybe, as people suspect, humans have always been connected with aliens, just don’t want the public to know.

As far as extraterrestrials are concerned, scientists and the general public have always believed that there must exist in the universe. There are even some authoritative figures who directly say that it is possible to find aliens in this century, and human beings will understand the truth of aliens in this century. Is this a hint that some high-level people have already known about the existence of aliens, but it’s not time to announce it yet,

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