How did it come into being?

The rover sent back photos of Mars, the “beer bottle” appeared out of thin air, or became evidence of life!

The existence of life on Mars has been a hot topic. Once scientists focused on Mars, trying to find a clue that could prove the existence of life. When we landed on Mars, we found that the environment on Mars was in a mess, and there was almost no advantage compared with the earth, so that scientists’ hope of rekindling was instantly extinguished. NASA has launched a variety of probes to explore Mars, and has not found any trace of life. However, there are always some visions on Mars, which arouse people’s deep thinking.

According to the current situation of Mars, the possibility of life is very small. It is more like a deserted celestial body. No matter the environment or the geological climate, it has nothing to do with the birth of life. Although scientists have found many anomalies, most of them are not clear. However, there are still some scientists who firmly believe that there may be life under the surface of Mars, or that the ability of human beings has not yet been achieved, so the understanding of Mars is only superficial. If we want to uncover these secrets, we can only make more efforts. The rover sent back photos of Mars, the “beer bottle” appeared out of thin air, or became evidence of life!

Beer bottle like objects on Mars

Once upon a time, a Mars rover was surprised to find an object similar to a beer bottle on the surface of Mars in a photo. This is only an image expression, and it can only be preliminarily concluded that this is a Martian rock. NASA has not made any response to this image, because it is too strange, scientists can not determine what this mysterious object is.

Moreover, some entomologists have found traces of insects on the surface of Mars. They don’t look like insects in all aspects. They may be some space rocks of different sizes. Entomologists have been studying insects for a long time. Maybe when they observe Mars, they have a visual effect. Everything they see looks like insects. Now the possibility of life on Mars is too small. There is neither water nor oxygen, which is the most basic condition for the birth of life.

Is there life on Mars?

Some scientific reports point out that there is life under the surface of Mars, which is just a bold guess. At present, human beings have no ability to explore. It is obvious that if human beings want to migrate to Mars, they must use a lot of materials to support them, and they also need to transform the Martian environment. This is a huge project. Human exploration of Mars is just the tip of the iceberg. In this extreme environment, no one can judge that there are many reasons why humans want to migrate to Mars. The large-scale changes in the earth’s environment make people unprepared. It is possible that the earth in the future will no longer be suitable for human habitation.

In this case, humans can only be forced to look for other stars, so they have to focus on Mars. Scientists predict that it will take at least 200-300 years for humans to transform Mars, otherwise it is impossible. It’s not a long time, it’s not a short time, it’s going to cost more human and material resources, and it’s going to solve the problem of human’s arrival on Mars. These problems make scientists headache, and further imply that human’s time is running out. Do you think there is life on Mars? You can leave a message for interaction.

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