How did the moon become a satellite of the earth for 4 billion years? And always facing us on one side

It is believed that everyone is familiar with the moon. Since the day of human birth, two celestial bodies in the sky have always been the focus of human attention. One is the sun and the other is the moon. The sun shines on the earth during the day, bringing light and heat to the earth. At night, the moon hangs high in the sky, bringing some light to the dark environment.

For ancient people, light is a very sacred thing. Without light, we can’t see anything and can’t walk. Especially at night, there was no current lighting equipment in ancient times. At that time, people had to move or travel at night, and the moon was the best guiding light. Therefore, the moon has a sacred status in the hearts of people in ancient times.

At the same time, because the moon is closer to the earth, and the earth’s environment in ancient times is very good, there is no pollution gas, and the moon in ancient times is closer to the earth. So, some pictures of the surface of the moon can be seen by ancient human ancestors, and those pictures, now we all know, are craters and craters.

It’s just that people in ancient times didn’t have these concepts. They thought it was a building on the moon and that there were people living on the moon. As a result, some ancient myths and legends about the moon have been formed. With the continuous progress of human civilization, when we enter the era of science and technology and have advanced observation equipment, we have a preliminary understanding of the universe and the moon.

Through the preliminary observation of the moon, scientists found that the moon is full of mystery. The reason is that the moon is too big. With its mass and volume, how can it become a satellite of the earth? And through long-term observation, we also found that the moon always faces the earth with one side, that is, the back, we will never see it on the earth.

When people know that the moon is always facing the earth on one side, the moon conspiracy theory also appeared. Some people think that the moon is not a natural celestial body, but a high-level civilization placed beside the earth to monitor the earth. Some people think that there is a base of alien civilization on the back of the moon. I believe many friends have seen many opinions about the back of the moon on the Internet, and there are also some related photos, such as the remains of alien civilization, the bodies of three eyed female aliens and so on.

These statements, together with the photos, make many people mistakenly think that the back of the moon is an alien base. But in fact, there is no such thing on the back of the moon. They are all made by the moon conspiracy theorists. Especially in the last century, after Apollo 11 of the United States realized the manned landing on the moon, the argument that there was an alien base on the moon reached a climax.

With the continuous progress of human space science and technology, the deepening of the exploration of the moon, now few people will say that there is any alien base on the back of the moon. The reason is that there are more probes sent to the moon by human beings. Through these probes, we basically have a comprehensive understanding of the moon.

Even on the back of the moon, China’s chang’e-4 has made a successful landing. The probe did not find anything mysterious and strange on the back of the moon. In fact, it is similar to the front, which are craters and craters. If so, does that mean that the moon has no secrets for humans? Of course not.

In fact, with the deepening of the research on lunar exploration, there is a problem that has been puzzling us, that is, the origin of the moon. How did the moon become an earth satellite? As we said earlier, the mass of the moon is too large for the earth, which makes scientists feel incredible.

You know, all the other planets in the solar system except Venus have their own satellites, but the mass ratio of those satellites to the planets they circle is basically more than one thousandth, while the mass of the moon is 81 times that of the earth. This is a very incredible data, not only the solar system, even other galaxies, we have not found such a planetary satellite mass ratio.

Through theoretical calculation, it is very difficult for a celestial body as big as the moon to become a satellite of the earth. Its speed, angle and orbit must be very accurate. As long as there is a little deviation, even if the moon can become a satellite of the earth, it is only temporary.

Through the study of the moon, scientists found that it was formed 4 billion years ago, that is to say, it has been with the earth for more than 4 billion years. This is a very stable satellite. If a celestial body as big as the moon in the solar system now rushes to the earth to become a satellite, then the probability of success is basically zero. It is difficult for scientists to make such a mass of celestial body orbit the earth stably for more than 4 billion years through simulation operation. It can be seen how incredible it is for the moon to become the earth’s satellite.

It is because of the inconceivability that many people wonder whether the moon will be operated by advanced civilization behind it? Of course, we don’t have any evidence to prove that. For scientists, they still believe that the moon was formed naturally. How do scientists think the moon was formed?

For more than half a century, people have been exploring and studying the moon, especially the lunar soil. Through research, it is found that the composition of the soil on the surface of the moon is very similar to that of the earth, so scientists boldly put forward a conjecture that the moon may have been a part of the earth.

This is the theory of the origin of lunar collision. Scientists conjectured a scene like this: more than 4 billion years ago, in the chaotic solar system, a Mars sized celestial body hit the earth laterally, and a large collision produced a lot of dust debris. The dust debris from the earth collision mixed with the dust debris from the impact object to form a planetary ring around the earth.

In this planetary ring, there is a relatively large fragment. Relying on the advantage of mass, this fragment continuously absorbs the surrounding fragments through gravity. With the increasing of its mass, the fragments around the earth are absorbed by it, forming a relatively large moon. Perhaps it is because it is close to the earth and has been aggregated for a long time that its orbit can be continuously fine tuned and it can become a stable satellite.

If the moon is formed naturally, the impact theory proposed by scientists is the most likely. Otherwise, it is impossible for such a massive object from outside to become a stable earth satellite. Of course, there is no definite evidence for this impact theory. To make it true, we need to explore the moon more and find more evidence.

It is believed that with the continuous progress of human science and technology, it is not far away to establish a base on the moon and mine on the moon. At that time, through a large number of lunar minerals and more discoveries, we were able to uncover the mystery of the origin of the moon and whether it had anything to do with the earth. I believe there will be a clear answer soon.

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