How did the three criminals escape from the infamous “devil island prison” with spoons for two years

Friends who have seen the film Shawshank Redemption know that it is a classic film to save the soul and spirit of human beings. Gong Di, the master of the story, was closed in the narrow space of the prison. In order to obtain freedom and rebirth, he started the prison break plan. Andy turns this seemingly impossible prison break into a miracle. However, in real life, there has been a strange prison break in the United States, which happened in the most severe prison in the United States.

An aerial view of Alcatraz

Alcatraz is located in a special place, with one prisoner and three guards. It’s impossible to escape from the isolated island in the sea

Compared with other prisons, Alcatraz is heavily guarded. On average, a felon is guarded by three prison guards. Devil Island is not only an island in the sea, but also a hell in the sea. Because of its special geographical location, all the people closed here are felons. The whole island covers an area of about 0.08 square kilometers, surrounded by the sea. A large number of brutal sharks lurk in the deep sea. For the prisoners living here, it is impossible to escape from prison successfully. The whole prison has a history of nearly 30 years. There were dozens of people who wanted to escape here. However, most of them were captured alive, and only a few of them were missing. Officials speculate that most of the escaped prisoners, whose whereabouts are unknown, have become a feast for sharks in the deep sea.

Four escaped prisoners

Three cobblers were assigned to adjacent cells to start the escape plan

The days of confinement in devil’s Island are dark for prisoners. If they escape from here, they may have a chance of life. In order to be reborn, in the 1960s, John angling, Clarence Anglin and frank Morris launched the prison break program.

It’s not so much a three person plan as a four person plan for this prison break. When John was plotting this prison break plan, his three friends, Alan West, inadvertently learned that Alan had become the fourth one.

Because their cells were so far apart, it was almost impossible for them to realize the escape plan, so they went to the prison guards to discuss whether they could change their rooms. According to common sense, their demands are very unreasonable, which can arouse the suspicion of prison guards. However, unexpectedly, their opinions were agreed by prison guards, and soon four people were assigned to adjacent cells.

Prison cell

Unity and cooperation, clear division of labor, successful tunneling is the first step

Since we live close to each other, the implementation of the plan will be very convenient. Careful John found that in the vent of the cell, you can dig a tunnel, which is the only way to the outside world. Soon John’s suggestion was accepted by his friends. Since we need tools to dig the tunnel, what should we do well? At first, four people secretly brought back the spoon for dining in the canteen. Four people began to dig continuously with the spoon. However, due to the simple tools, they dug the tunnel very slowly. A few months later, in order to speed up the speed, Clarence used the dust absorber that he stole to transform it into a drilling machine to improve the efficiency.

The drill will make a lot of noise and attract the attention of the prison guards. In order to make the escape plan go smoothly, the three decided to dig a tunnel during the prisoners’ listening to music every night. On the one hand, the noise of the music can cover up the sound of the drill. On the other hand, this time period is usually the time for prison guards to take over their duty and eat, so it won’t cause attention. And they also used cardboard to make a tool to cover the hole. In just a few days, they finally got through the tunnel.

A cut hole

Transplanting flowers and grafting trees is the second step of a successful prison break. After a successful escape, it disappears without a trace

In order to avoid the high frequency of ward rounds by prison guards and gain valuable time for his escape, John made a dummy’s head out of toothpaste, toilet paper and other materials he had saved on weekdays. Before they break out of prison, they dress up like them and go to bed on time as usual. On the night of the crime, after the prison lights were off, four people began to implement the escape plan. First, they put their fake heads on their pillows, put some clothes in their quilts, disguised as a person sleeping, and then they climbed to the roof along the passage of the vent. Unfortunately, when Allen was digging the tunnel, in order not to be found by the prison guards, he smeared some cement on the hole the day before the escape. Unexpectedly, the cement dried the hole quickly, and the huge Allen couldn’t get in at all. But he had to give up the escape plan. Four people escaped from the prison and finally became three people, three John After the cobbler escaped, he specially made the stolen raincoat into an air valve and successfully escaped from prison. According to records, the whole escape process took two years.

Dummy for cover

It was not until the next day that the prison guards found that the three men had not got up and finally walked into the cell that they found that they had already escaped. This case also alerted the American police. In order to arrest them, the United States sent a large number of police to search, but they all failed. Finally, in order to quell the case, the officials had to declare that the escaped prisoners were in the process of escape, He died in an accident.

Today’s Alcatraz Island has become a sanctuary for wild animals. Many rare animals often live here, and it has become a tourist attraction.

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