How did the underwater aquarium come into being when it was discovered? Thanks to the opportunity 10 years ago!

How did the underwater aquarium come into being when it was discovered? Thanks to the opportunity 10 years ago!

The ocean is a mysterious world. Atlantis, once disappeared, is likely to be buried deep under the sea. Atlantis is a great prehistoric site, its value can be imagined, its disappearance has been an unsolved mystery, some people think it is deep in the sea, some people think it is in the Sahara desert. As for where it is, there is no final conclusion.

When we watched SpongeBob as a child, we imagined how wonderful the ocean world was. We had all kinds of buildings, and marine creatures were very kind. We didn’t know it was all fantasy until we grew up. The reality was very cruel, and the creatures in the ocean were much more terrible than we thought. There are fierce sharks, piranhas and so on. Once they are targeted, they will be torn up instantly. Studies have shown that the first life on earth originated from the ocean, and the ocean has high research value. How did the underwater aquarium come into being when it was discovered? Thanks to the opportunity 10 years ago!

The causes of the formation of the earth

About 5 billion years ago, different shapes of new star clouds gradually separated from the solar nebula, rotating around the sun while rotating. They collided and fused with each other, eventually forming the earth we rely on for survival. In the next few decades, the earth transformed into a unique terrain. This is how the ocean came into being. The problem of uneven heat and cold, a heavy rain that lasted for millions of years, broke out. Due to a long time, the ocean gradually formed and life gradually came out.

After the emergence of seaweeds, they carried out photosynthesis and gradually released oxygen. Many organisms began to try to go to the land. After a long time of evolution and evolution, they finally got what they are today. It can be seen that the great part of the ocean is. There is a question that has puzzled scientists for many years. Is there a life similar to human beings in the ocean? If there are any, the traces of their survival must be indelible. Driven by this, scientists try their best to find the legendary undersea man. In the process of human evolution, many branches have been formed, and perhaps one branch exists in the ocean.

With the concerted efforts of all the people, Shui people are finally created

In 1958, a researcher photographed very strange footprints at a depth of 4000 meters, which were highly similar to human footprints. It was not until 1962 that someone accidentally caught a kind of creature that could speak human language. Its head was similar to human, its body was fish, and it could communicate with human simply. Soon after, it was taken to study. In the following decades, many strange creatures were found.

Finally, with the efforts of all the people, we found a site with a long history under the sea, which is about 10000 to 12000 years old. In order to give them a mysterious color, the ocean park decided to build an underwater world. Through 18 months of efforts, we finally built an unparalleled crossing Rubicon River. It has great commemorative significance. Over the years, it has attracted countless tourists After 10 years on the sea floor, this sculpture has grown all kinds of coral algae, which refreshes human’s previous cognition. In fact, the main purpose of creating them is to alert human beings and constantly improve their awareness of environmental protection. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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