How do female astronauts go to the toilet and take a bath in the capsule? What should we do about privacy?

The space for astronauts in the space capsule is limited. After entering the universe, they have to stay in space for a period of time to carry out space exploration. We often say that women are not as good as men. Nowadays, women astronauts are slowly emerging in the space industry. In fact, astronauts are very troublesome when they sleep and go to the toilet. In this case, how should female astronauts protect their privacy?

Sleeping problems of female astronauts

In fact, scientists have considered this problem for a long time. In order to ensure the needs of each astronaut, they also reasonably arranged space for female astronauts to protect their privacy. Although the activity space of the space capsule is relatively small, every astronaut will have his own small space. Although it is very difficult to turn around in this space, there is a curtain that can protect privacy. When sleeping and changing clothes, just pull the curtain to ensure privacy. In this small space, scientists also prepared sleeping bags for them. Only when the sleeping bag floats back and forth into the universe, can they be safe.

Unlike the rooms on the ground, the rooms in the capsule are set on the ceiling and walls. It’s better to protect the privacy of each room from the earth. So how do astronauts go to the toilet in space after solving the problem of sleeping?


The toilet in the space capsule is quite different from that on the ground. Considering the weightlessness environment of the universe, the design of the toilet on the ground is too unreasonable. There is no toilet in the spacecraft. In the bathroom, scientists designed two tubes, one for urination and the other for defecation. They also have to concentrate when using the toilet, otherwise the excreta will float in the air, and once it leaks, it will have a great impact.

Bathing of female astronauts

In addition to these two problems, the situation that once plagued female astronauts was bathing. It’s not as difficult for them to swim on the earth, so they can’t use a towel to swim in space. Once, some scientists wanted to invent a bathing device in the space capsule, but if the water is transported to space, the cost is very high, one kilogram of water can reach 500000 yuan.

We used to think that astronauts were very far away from us, but they would also live to us in real time after they entered space. We also saw their life in the universe. In fact, although they lived in a narrow space and had to deal with experimental data every day, their life was not boring. In general, they would return to the earth in a few days and months.

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