How does it get into the adult brain?

In a village in Jianyang City, Sichuan Province, a villager suddenly lost consciousness and his mouth twitched. Everyone didn’t know what happened to him. Remember to send him to the hospital. According to the description of other villagers, Lao Yang people are usually very strong, and when they work in the farmland, they can basically finish their work ahead of time every time. Normally speaking, there should be nothing big, so everyone is waiting for the good news of Lao Yang’s return.

And Lao Yang himself did not know what was going on with him. He himself once said that he just likes to eat some meat and drink some wine on weekdays, but he still pays more attention to health. In fact, one morning, he found that his left limb was very weak and his ability to walk was not very good. Sometimes he even couldn’t walk steadily. He thought that he might lack nutrition, so he made some delicious meals for himself After drinking a little wine, he found that it could relieve some pain, but he didn’t expect that he would foam directly and his eyelids would turn up today.

After listening to these descriptions, the doctor also felt very strange, so he gave Lao Yang a general examination, but the result was unexpected.

There are living insects in Lao Yang’s head.

After hearing the news, Lao Yang himself was shocked. He couldn’t believe the fact. After all, he never ate worms raw. In the later hospital examination, the doctor found that the original lesion could be changed in his brain at will, so the doctor determined according to clinical experience that it was actually caused by a certain kind of parasite.

For Lao Yang and the villagers, in fact, this thing is more distant. They never know what it is, and they don’t know when they ate it.

So the doctor began to investigate Lao Yang’s food and villagers’ food. The result surprised them. Everything was OK. So what’s the matter?

Later, a villager recalled that he had dinner with Lao Yang at that time. Lao Yang took out his own wine, and there was a kind of wine made by river crab. At that time, the villager didn’t drink it because he was uncomfortable and didn’t want to drink. So is it because of this bottle of wine?

The doctors sent this bottle of wine to the inspection center for testing, and the result was the same as everyone thought, that is, there was something wrong with this bottle of wine, but the villagers began to wonder again, just a bottle of wine, how could there be such a big problem, and even let Lao Yang’s brain grow worms.

It turns out that the biggest reason is that there are not only herbs but also river crabs in this bottle of wine, and river crabs are living ones. In fact, this kind of crab carries a lot of bacteria. In addition to bacteria, it also carries a variety of parasites. At this time, Lao Yang is just because of this parasite. Just entered the hospital, the biggest characteristic of this parasite is that it can move freely in the patient’s brain, and it will also rush to the whole body.

After the news, the villagers were shocked. The delicious food they had always believed in was pickled crab and soaked crab wine. However, they had never heard of similar news before. In fact, this kind of food is closely related to living habits. In the end, the doctor successfully removed the living worms from Lao Yang’s head, so the parasitic encephalopathy was finally solved Lao Yang and the villagers also know that they should not eat some animals raw, so we must cook the food before we can eat it.

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