How far are the stars that people see in the night sky from us? The answer may not come to your mind

Every night, when we look up to the sky, we can always see countless stars hanging in the sky. In ancient times, people were full of illusions about the starry sky. Because there was no developed observation equipment, the ancients could only observe the starry sky with their naked eyes. More importantly, they observed the stars in the sky and made some predictions through their arrangement and changes.

The ancients did not know what the stars were or how far they were from the earth. With the rise of human science and technology, with the astronomical telescope and other advanced observation equipment, we begin to understand that the stars in the sky are all stars. Don’t look at them as small, it’s because they are too far away from the earth.

So how far are the stars in the night sky from the earth? The answer may not come to you. Some people may think that the stars in the sky are planets like the earth. If you think so, it’s a big mistake. In fact, only a few stars in the night sky are seen by us because they reflect the sunlight, such as the moon, Mars, Venus and so on.

Most of the stars we see in the night sky are actually stars. We all know that one of the characteristics of stars is that they can emit light and heat. That’s because nuclear fusion happens all the time inside the stars. The star itself is a big fireball burning, and it is very huge. As long as it is not too far away from the earth, it may be seen by us at night.

To understand how far the stars in the night sky are from the earth, we also need to understand the position of the Milky way and the solar system in the Milky way. We all know that the Yinke system is actually a bar spiral galaxy with a diameter of about 100000 light-years. There are hundreds of billions of stars in such a vast galaxy, and our sun is just a very common member.

The solar system was born from the sun. It is located in the spiral arm of Orion in the Milky way. The spiral arm is about 26000 light-years away from the center of the Milky way, which is a relatively remote position. For a galaxy, the farther away it is from its center, the fewer stars there are. Most of the stars we can see in the night sky are within 1000 light-years.

Within the range of 1000 light-years from the earth, the number of stars that we can see through the naked eye will not exceed 7000. It seems that the number is very large, but on the cosmic scale, it is a very small number, which may be related to the position of the solar system. There are not many stars here.

For example, we can see the Big Dipper every night. They are a system composed of seven stars. The nearest star is 58 light-years away from the earth, and the nearest star is 123 light-years away. If we only look at the numbers, it’s not many, but seeing the light-year unit behind makes many people feel desperate. For human science and technology, one light-year is a gap that we can’t cross.

It will take at least 10000 years for the fastest spaceship to fly a light year. Maybe many people think that the stars in the sky are so far away from us that we can never reach them and observe them close. In fact, this kind of worry is totally unnecessary. Although the stars in the night sky are far away from the earth, we can only look at the stars now, but with the continuous progress of human science and technology, our spacecraft is also constantly improving.

As long as the speed of human spaceship can achieve the speed of light, the scope of exploration will be greatly expanded, and at the same time, it can also detect some stars that are not too far away from the earth. When the speed of our spaceship breaks through the speed of light and flies faster than the speed of light, the distance of 1000 light years is nothing at all, and it will not take long to reach it.

At that time, all the stars we could see in the night sky had the ability to reach and explore, and the stars in the sky had no secret for human beings. Of course, it’s not easy to achieve this wish and dream. Every leap in the speed of the spacecraft can be regarded as a revolution in human space exploration.

The first thing we will achieve in the future is subluminal flight, which can go out of the solar system and explore some nearby star systems. Slowly, the speed of the ship was upgraded to the speed of light, and the scope of exploration was further at this time. Later, we can fly faster than light, which is even more extraordinary. We can travel freely within the Milky way, and the distance is no longer a problem.

However, according to scientists’ understanding of the universe, our universe has been accelerating its expansion since the big bang, which is very fast. With the continuous expansion of the universe, stars gradually move away from the earth, and gradually we can see fewer and fewer stars in the night sky. I believe many people have found that there are not as many stars in the night sky as before, except one is due to environmental pollution, and the other is that stars are far away from us. It is possible that there will be only a few stars in our night sky in the future.

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