How fast does light travel? Scientists have shown that maybe it’s slower than a snail!

How fast does light travel? Scientists have shown that maybe it’s slower than a snail!

Human beings are unique individuals on the earth. Although they are masters of the earth, their abilities are limited. During the period of school, the school will hold a sports meeting, and students with good physical fitness will sign up enthusiastically, especially many people who run very fast. For them, the 800 meter long run is not a difficult thing at all. There are many people with outstanding physical fitness in the world who are elected to the track and field team to win glory for their country. We only see their beautiful side, but we don’t know that they have made great efforts to make progress.

Everyone’s running speed is limited. Compared with the fastest speed of light in the universe, it’s not worth mentioning at all. For human beings, if the speed of light can be reached one day in the future, no matter how far away the earth is, the speed of light will be very fast, even in space. It took almost half a year for a Mars probe to be launched to Mars. If you go to Mars at the speed of light, it only takes 22 minutes, which is much shorter. It can be seen that the speed of light is the fastest in the world. How fast does light travel? Scientists have shown that maybe it’s slower than a snail!

Why is it so slow to reach the universe when light travels so fast?

Since human beings really walked out of the earth and saw the vaster interstellar space, they discovered the vastness of the universe. Human beings are just a little mole ant. The stars in the universe are so far apart that even light travels like a snail. It is understood that from the solar system to the center of the galaxy, it will take at least 26000 years to reach, provided that the speed of light is used. Even if you want to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other, it will take at least 100000 years. So why does the speed of light extend so slowly into space?

Every star is very far away from each other. 200 million light-years away, there is a huge gravitational center, which is the giant gravitation source. It can completely attract the whole galaxy in the past. At such a long distance, the expansion of space is accelerating. To see the edge of the universe, light needs to travel at least 46.5 billion years. The universe is only 13.8 billion years old, and the highest speed of light can only advance 13.8 billion light years, so it is almost impossible for us to see the edge of the universe.

Why can’t we reach the speed of light?

Moreover, the actual scope of the universe is much larger than what we can observe. The main reason is that the expansion speed of the universe is faster than the speed of light, and it can never spread from one end of the universe to the other. It is greatly limited. The vastness of the universe is far beyond our imagination, and the speed of light in the universe also slows down. However, there is no object in the world that can surpass the speed of light and can only approach infinitely. Whether in the Milky way or the solar system, there are many areas worth exploring.

According to the theory of wide correspondence, human beings can realize the speed of light flight by manipulating space. But at present, we need to find a kind of strange matter, that is negative matter, which can not only achieve warp speed flight, but also find the existence of wormhole, and open a larger space-time tunnel. At present, human cognition is limited, and the level of science and technology has not reached the peak stage. Everything in the universe puzzles scientists. As long as we persist, one day we will be able to uncover the secret. What do you think about light What is the understanding of speed? You can leave a message for interaction.

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