How fast will human aircraft be in the next 30 years? It is expected to achieve 1.6 million kilometers per hour

Human beings have a civilization history of 5000 years, which is a negligible short time for millions of years of human evolution. Although the history of human civilization is very short, its success is enormous, especially the development after entering the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago, which is so fast that we feel incredible.

Many people like to look at the development speed of human civilization from the perspective of scientific and technological progress. If we use a simpler standard to measure human development, you will find that the history of human civilization is also the history of speed. In other words, the speed of transportation is constantly improving, which affects human’s cognition of the world and the universe.

Although human civilization has a civilization history of about 5000 years, in the whole civilization history of about 4700 years, speed has not achieved any substantial breakthrough. For example, in ancient times, people basically went out on foot, visiting relatives and friends. No matter how far away they were, ordinary people could only go on foot. People with money can buy a carriage.

No matter walking or carriage, the speed is very slow. If you want to go thousands of kilometers away, it will take at least half a year to walk, but carriage will take at least a month. Therefore, in ancient times, ordinary people lived within a radius of tens of kilometers all their lives, and rarely could go far away, unless there were disasters and other reasons for having to leave.

The ancient way of going out lasted about 4700 years, until the beginning of the industrial revolution, after mankind officially entered the era of science and technology, advanced means of transportation continued to appear. In the era of science and technology, the means of transportation have experienced rapid upgrading, and the speed is also constantly improving. Now that we have fast airplanes, we can travel all over the earth in a very short time. In the past, the endless distance in people’s eyes is now very small.

Today’s earth from the original vast into a global village, no matter how far apart two people, as long as not out of the earth, we can meet in a very short time. This is the leap in speed brought by science and technology, but this proud speed of the earth has become tortoise speed in the universe. In the age of the earth, supersonic speed was very fast, not even tortoise speed in the universe.

The universe is too big for us to imagine. To realize the dream of exploring the universe, we must further improve the speed. However, it is not easy to improve the speed. It needs the rapid development of power and energy. Now the main energy of human beings is fossil energy, and the potential of this energy has been fully exploited by human beings. Under this energy, the speed of aircraft is difficult to achieve a huge breakthrough.

Human beings rely on the advantage of speed to make the distance of the earth shorter and shorter. Can human beings rely on the advantage of speed to make the distance of the universe shorter and shorter again? The answer is yes. As long as our energy technology can make another major breakthrough in the future, the speed of the aircraft will also get a qualitative improvement.

So in the next 30 years, how fast can human aircraft achieve? At present, the fastest speed of the spaceship launched by human beings in space is the new horizon spaceship. After several planetary accelerations in space, it has reached 585.36 million kilometers per hour. This speed is particularly fast in our opinion. However, standing in front of the basic distance unit of the universe, which is light years, this speed is speechless. At present, it takes about half a year for human spacecraft to set out from earth to Mars, about 10 years to reach Pluto, and about 50000 years to fly out of the solar system.

After continuous research and exploration, scientists have a goal for the direction of speed improvement in the next 30 years, that is to increase the speed of aircraft to 1.6 million kilometers per hour within 30 years. This is a lithium-ion thruster driven by a laser beam that NASA is working on. This is a new type of aircraft that is expected to be realized in the next 30 years. It takes only a few days to go to Mars at this speed, and only a few months to reach Pluto.

If human beings achieve the speed of 1.6 million km / h in the next 30 years, the era of space mining for all will come. At the same time, we can also establish survival bases on the moon and Mars, and migrate some human beings to the moon and Mars. This is a preliminary realization of alien migration, which shows how important speed is for human space development.

Scientists have always wanted to build a base on the moon. Although the current space technology can barely do it, due to the lack of powerful spacecraft, the speed is not fast enough, so the cost will be very high. No country can afford to build a lunar base. But if we have a speed of 1.6 million kilometers per hour, it will be much easier to build a lunar base, and it will only take a few hours for a spacecraft to go back and forth to the moon.

Of course, 1.6 million kilometers per hour, facing the vast universe, it is still a slower speed than the tortoise. At this speed, we are still unable to get out of the solar system and explore the extrasolar sky. In order to realize the preliminary navigation of galaxies, the slowest speed of human beings must reach the speed of sublight. To raise the speed of spacecraft to the speed of sublight, we need a more powerful energy as the power. This energy is the controllable nuclear fusion that scientists have been studying and exploring.

Some people may say, can’t human beings achieve controllable nuclear fusion in the next 30 years? If it is realized, the speed of the aircraft will not only be 1.6 million kilometers per hour, but will surpass a lot. In fact, it is true that if human beings achieve controllable nuclear fusion in the next 30 years, there will be nothing wrong with the speed of 1.6 million kilometers per hour.

The speed increase brought by the power of nuclear fusion is very huge. It’s a power for interstellar navigation, far less than the Li ion thruster driven by laser beam. But the ideal is beautiful, but the reality is very cruel. Human beings began to study and explore controllable nuclear fusion technology 50 years ago, but now 50 years later, although some breakthroughs have been made in nuclear fusion technology, it is far from realizing controllable.

In order to realize the controllable nuclear fusion technology, we need a major breakthrough in high temperature resistant materials. We need to know that the ignition temperature of controllable nuclear fusion can reach hundreds of millions of degrees. Although the research direction of scientists is magnetic binding, it still needs stronger high temperature resistant materials. If the material can not achieve a major breakthrough, then controllable nuclear fusion will be far away.

And the breakthrough of materials is often the most difficult, in recent decades, it can be said that there is no breakthrough. And scientists dare not say that human beings can achieve controllable nuclear fusion technology within 50 years. This shows that in the cognition of scientists, the realization of controllable nuclear fusion is far more difficult than we think, and it is possible to give human beings another hundred years without any hope.

Of course, the development of human science and technology is very fast. As long as we are given enough time, controllable nuclear fusion will be realized, sub light speed flight will be realized, and light speed flight can also be realized. Even the superluminal flight and wormhole shuttling that are completely beyond our knowledge now may be realized in the endless future. At that time, human civilization may have become a truly powerful interstellar civilization, crisscrossing the galaxy and the whole universe. We are looking forward to that day.

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