How high can mosquitoes fly? How many floors of residents will not be disturbed by mosquitoes? Finally understand!

Almost all people will be disturbed by mosquitoes in summer. When they are sleeping soundly, mosquitoes will buzz over. This sound is disturbing enough, but if you don’t drive them away immediately after hearing it, you should be careful that they will kiss itchy red packets! Some friends move to a new house and live on a higher floor, thinking that mosquitoes can’t fly so high, so what do you want to do Wrong. Tell you a fact, how high people can live, how high mosquitoes can fly!

From a biological point of view, the mosquito is just a small insect, it does not have much ability to fly high in the air, if only by its own efforts, entomologists say, mosquitoes can generally fly up to 10 meters above the ground, and then make some effort, up to 20 meters! This 20 meters is equivalent to about seven or eight floors of our human living floor. Doesn’t it mean that when people live on the ninth floor or above, they don’t have to worry about being harassed by mosquitoes? In fact, this idea is not right. The buildings we live in are not suspended. They are always raised from the first floor. For example, when mosquitoes have the ability to fly to the sixth floor, they will take the sixth floor as the new “ground” and continue to fly high. Now there are more and more elevator houses, mosquitoes can even take the elevator “upstairs”. Mosquito survivability is also very strong. It is possible for mosquitoes to survive and breed in any dark and humid corner of the corridor. Therefore, no matter how high the floor is, mosquitoes will fly up with people.

So it’s not a good way to avoid this annoying mosquito and go to high-rise buildings. You’d better think of mosquito prevention: first of all, it’s most necessary to add screens, which can not only prevent mosquitoes, but also prevent some excessive sandstorm. Secondly, the corridor and corner should be kept as dry and clean as possible, so as to prevent mosquitoes from having a suitable habitat and a series of places. Similarly, keeping your own room clean will prevent mosquitoes from patronizing. Friends who like to keep green plants should also try not to let water accumulate outside the basin and on the ground. Finally, it is necessary to disinfect the sewers in the corner of the home regularly. In summer, it is necessary to prepare some mosquito repellent incense and toilet water. Now there is a kind of mosquito eating herb on the online shopping platform. It is said that it really “eats” mosquitoes. If you are especially afraid of mosquitoes, you can’t prevent buying it.

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