How high is the sky? Just look at you. The sky above the earth is much more interesting than you think

In life, have you ever used the phrase “I don’t know the height of heaven and earth” to describe those arrogant people? So, do you know how high the sky is? When we look up at the sky, blue sky, white clouds immediately reflected in front of us, the sky is so pure and beautiful. Now Xiaobian will take you to see how high the sky is.


The average height of an adult male in China is 1.7 meters.


Shandong scallions grow like this. Some netizens also joked that our height is not as good as an onion!


Giraffes crush African lions.


Titanosaurus argentinus, the tallest dinosaur fossil at present.


Air restaurant, a meal can go to heaven.


It takes 24 days to drink water at the top of the tree.


The world’s highest jumping machine is located in xiaomanyao, Guangzhou.


The most dangerous job on earth, cleaning the glass for the tower of Dubai. Burj Dubai is the tallest building in the world, with a total height of 828 meters and a total of 162 floors. The outer layer of the building consists of 24000 pieces of glass. It’s not easy to keep the surface of the tower clean in this windy desert country.


One of the records of man’s unarmed climbing.

1800 m:

Turkish hot air balloon takes you to fly. Although the height of 1800 meters is a bit frightening, looking down here, you can see the beautiful scenery of Turkey with peculiar landform, and the scene is very spectacular.

3000 m:

Some people skateboard here, commonly known as air surfing. Surfing in the air is a kind of extreme sport that makes people hot blooded and heart beating. Participants put on skateboards and jump down from the plane. When they fall freely, they use skateboards to perform various special effects, just like surfing on the sea.


The average height of the Qinghai Tibet Railway (the highest point is at the Tanggula pass at an altitude of 5072 meters).


Everest marathon was founded in 2003 to commemorate the 50 years since Nepal’s danzin nogai Sherpa and New Zealand’s Hillary Clinton reached the summit of Everest. The starting line of the Everest marathon is located near the base camp on the south slope of the Everest. The kunbu ice waterfall is about 5200 meters above sea level.

6700 M:

The Himalayan jumping spider, which lives on the top of the earth, was found at 6700 meters above sea level on Mount Qomolangma in Nepal, drinking northwest wind every day.


In 2005, the elevation of Mt. Qomolangma was announced as 8844.43 meters. At the end of April 2020, China organized professionals to re measure the elevation of Mt. Qomolangma.

11300 M:

Black and white vultures, which live in South Central Africa, are the tallest birds known to fly to 11300 meters. In 1973, over the capital of Ivory Coast, a flying commercial plane crashed into a black-and-white vulture, destroying one of its engines.

20000 m:

The good news is that the hole in the ozone layer is healing. Since 2016, satellite images have shown that the hollow ozone layer is beginning to heal, and some scientists speculate that it may fully recover in 2060.

419 M:

Alan Eustace, a 57 year old Google executive, set the latest parachute jump record. He rose to 419 meters in a helium balloon, jumped from the free fall, opened the parachute and landed. He was reported to have dropped 367 meters (supersonic) in one second.


Lightning elves can show up here. Ghost flash is a peculiar phenomenon that occurs in Thunderstorm area. Because it is too fast to be caught by human eyes, it is often mistaken for UFO.


Meteorites the size of mung bean rub and burn with the atmosphere to become meteors, and clouds formed in the middle layer, luminous clouds, will appear.

100000 M:

Qian Xuesen’s tutor Theodore von Carmen’s Carmen line, which is widely regarded as the boundary between outer space and the earth’s atmosphere. Further up is outer space, where the earth’s magnetic field fully resists the solar wind, and the aurora is born.


The International Space Station orbits the earth in 90 minutes.

21000000 M:

China’s Beidou is navigating the world 24 hours a day. More than half of the countries in the world use China’s Beidou system, and more than 70% of China’s smart phones use Beidou navigation.

Now, you know how high the sky is! If you have anything to say, please leave a message in the comment area.

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