How is human skin color divided? Many Chinese are whiter than white people. Why are they classified as yellow?

As we all know, there are three kinds of people on the earth. Yellow people, black people and white people are common. Of course, there is a fourth kind of people on the earth, that is, brown people. In fact, we can see that the division of human population actually begins with skin color. The skin color of white people is lighter, while that of black people is dark. There has always been a lot of controversy about the division of yellow people. After all, white people and black people can be distinguished intuitively, but the color of yellow people is very difficult to judge.

If we only judge by skin color, even if we look at the whole earth, the skin of yellow people is relatively white. Of course, except for some northern Europe, the skin of many European and American countries is even darker than that of Chinese people. Since ancient times, Chinese people’s aesthetic for skin color is still relatively persistent, in the eyes of many people, white skin has become a reference point to judge beauty, until now this aesthetic still has not changed, and even in some areas there is still a popular saying that “one white covers all ugliness”.

The division of yellow race

As early as in ancient China, ancient people thought that their skin was white. In the mid-18th century, when Westerners saw the skin color of Chinese people, they thought that the skin of Chinese people was not very different from them, but there would be some differences in the north and south of China. But with the passage of time, Westerners have changed their attitudes towards Chinese skin color.

Since the rise of the industrial revolution, Westerners’ attitude towards China has also changed. As early as in ancient times, Westerners still looked up to China. However, with the improvement of productivity, Westerners also deeply disdained China. Therefore, when they describe the skin color of Chinese people, they don’t talk about white.

At that time, with the industrial revolution, westerners not only monopolized the global economic and cultural discourse power, but also grasped the right of aesthetic choice in their own hands. At that time, Westerners thought that white skin was their exclusive. They no longer used white to describe the color of Chinese skin. At that time, there was no yellow people. It was not until 1735 that a botanist named Linnaeus used the word “yellowish” for the first time in describing the skin of Oriental people, which led to the appearance of yellow skin. In 1758, Linnaeus revised the description of Chinese skin color. This time, the meaning of the revised words has become an unhealthy derogatory word.

He believes that the term “yellow people” has a derogatory meaning, but it is highly respected in China. After all, in our culture, yellow represents honor and auspiciousness. Therefore, the skin of Chinese people is not scarce. The reason why they become yellow people is just because of the rise of the West. Yellow skin is not inferior. In our context, yellow skin has no derogatory meaning.

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