How is oil formed? From animal carcasses? After listening to the expert’s explanation, I suddenly realized

The earth is a life planet rich in resources, and human beings are the only intelligent civilization on this planet. With the rapid development of human civilization, especially after entering the era of scientific and technological development, the demand for resources is also increasing. The development of human science and technology is naturally inseparable from the huge energy demand, we are mainly using chemical energy, and these chemical energy comes from our earth itself.

I believe many people know that the earth is a planet rich in resources. In the long history, coal, oil, natural gas and other precious resources have been formed, which provide guarantee for the rapid development of human civilization. Among them, oil is the most important and precious resource in the world. It has a wide range of uses. People need to use oil in their life and industrial production.

Although we all know the importance and value of oil, few people know how it was formed. Some people once thought that oil was formed from animal carcasses. Is that true? Now let’s listen to how scientists explain it.

In people’s eyes, oil is a black viscous liquid. It comes from the underground or deep sea. It has a pungent smell and is not liked. Of course, it is the crude oil just pumped from the oil well. The smell is very bad. After the crude oil is pumped up, it has to be smelted to separate the oil into different components, such as gasoline, diesel, and the final residue It’s also very useful.

There are two opinions about the formation of oil in the scientific community. One is that various organic matter evolved slowly after thousands of years of geological changes. Scientists believe that in ancient times, many creatures on the earth were destroyed. For example, there were several mass extinctions on the earth, and most of the earth’s creatures were extinct.

The organic matter contained in these organisms is deposited in the rocks. With the long crustal movement and the continuous superposition of organic matter, the oxygen component disappears, and the carbon element is retained, forming oil with the remaining inorganic matter and other chemical substances.

Another way of saying is that in ancient times, most of the oxygen and carbon elements in the earth’s atmosphere were combined with other impurities, and the weight of these substances was relatively light, so they did not sink into the crust like rocks, but adhered to the rock wall. With the movement of the crust, friction and heat production, the flowing oil gradually formed.

These two statements are the reasons for the formation of the mainstream oil. As for which one is correct, scientists have no definite answer. Either way, the formation of oil has nothing to do with animal carcasses. Therefore, it is incorrect to say that the formation of oil has nothing to do with animal carcasses.

The formation of oil is the combination of carbon and other substances, but how it happened in ancient times is still a mystery. But we know that oil is the most precious wealth left to mankind by the earth. It is a non renewable resource. Although it is rich in reserves, it will be useful one day sooner or later.

Not only oil, but also other underground non renewable resources are used in a smaller way. The earth will also face the problem of resource depletion in the future. What will human beings do? We should know that without energy, the development of science and technology will stagnate, and the development of human civilization will face great risks. The problem of resource depletion makes scientists think of mining in space and collecting energy in space.

As we all know, the universe is vast, and the earth is just a dusty planet. There are countless kinds of celestial bodies in the universe, each of which has different resources. Some of them may have more resources than the earth. If human beings can go to space to mine, the problem of resource depletion will be solved.

From the long-term development of human beings, only space resources can meet the rapid development of human science and technology. Relying on the earth’s resources can only meet the early development of human science and technology. With the rapid progress of human science and technology, the demand for resources will also be increasing. The earth’s resources can not meet the rapid development of human science and technology in the future.

But it’s not easy to think of space mining. We need more advanced space technology, which can’t be achieved with the current human technology. Although we are still unable to do space mining, scientists have begun to prepare for the future, and have begun to explore various asteroid belts in the solar system, and asteroids are also the main resource mining targets of human beings in the future.

Once mankind has mastered space mining technology in the future, a large-scale mining team will move to the solar system. At that time, many people will go to space to engage in mining work. At the same time, it also indicates that human civilization has really ushered in the great development of space. With abundant mineral resources, we can build more and larger spaceships, and then we can fly out of the solar system to explore the more distant starry sky, find the second earth suitable for human survival, and start interstellar migration. We have entered the interstellar age. We believe that this day will not be too far away.

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