How is the civilization level of the universe divided? What is the rank of human civilization?

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth, which was born hundreds of years ago. With the birth of human beings, the earth has grown from an ordinary life planet to an intelligent life planet. With the emergence of human words, human civilization has been born, and the earth has been upgraded to a civilized planet again.

If the short time of human birth is a miracle of life, then the rapid development of human civilization is a miracle. With the rapid development of human science and technology, it soon realized the dream of flying to the sky, went out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth, they will know the smallness of the earth and the vastness of the universe. At this time, the first thing people think about is whether there will be wisdom and civilization in the vast universe? If human beings did not walk out of the earth, many people might think that there is only one intelligent civilization in the universe. However, when human beings walked out of the earth, this concept completely changed. Most people firmly believe that alien civilization exists.

If alien civilization exists in every corner of the universe, the strength of civilization will be different due to the different time of birth and development of civilization. In fact, the development of human civilization is very short, only about 5000 years ago. In the vast universe, there may exist alien civilizations that have developed for tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years. How strong should such civilizations be?

When people recognize the existence of cosmic civilization, some people put forward such a question: how is the level of cosmic civilization divided? What is the level of human civilization? If there is an alien civilization in the universe, then there must be strength in this civilization family, and there may also be hierarchy between civilizations. What is the level of civilization in the universe?

Although human beings are still very weak and have not come into contact with any alien civilization, it does not hinder human’s conjecture on the civilization level of the universe. Once upon a time, some people divided the civilization of the universe into four levels, but human beings are less than the first level civilization, only 0.7 level. The standard of this division is based on the utilization of energy. When human beings can use all the energy on the earth, they can be regarded as entering the first level civilization.

So is it reasonable to divide the civilization level of the universe into four levels? Xiaobian does not seem reasonable. Xiaobian conjectures that the civilization of the universe should be divided into nine levels, and the standard of division is the development of industry. Take human civilization as an example, before the industrial revolution, it can only be regarded as level 0 civilization.

However, after the first industrial revolution started in England in the 1860s, it declared that human civilization had entered a first-class civilization, and the sign of the first industrial revolution was the emergence of steam engine, which created an era of replacing manual labor with machines. The representative scientist of this era is Newton. After entering the first level civilization, human civilization entered the second level civilization with the arrival of the second industrial revolution in the mid-19th century after a hundred years of development.

The second industrial revolution is also known as the electrical era. In this era, electrical appliances began to be widely used, and electrical appliances began to replace machines, becoming new energy to supplement and replace steam engines. Subsequently, electric lights, trams and movie projectors came out one after another, and human beings entered the “electrical age”. The representative scientist of this era is Faraday.

The third industrial revolution began in the 1950s, which is also another major leap in the field of science and technology in the history of human civilization after the steam technology revolution and power technology revolution. The third scientific and technological revolution is mainly marked by the invention and application of atomic energy, electronic computer, space technology and Bioengineering, involving information technology, new energy technology, new material technology, biotechnology, space technology and marine technology. At the same time, human civilization has also entered the third level of civilization. Many great scientists, such as Einstein and Tesla, appeared in the third industrial revolution.

The third industrial revolution was also the time when human beings really flew out of the earth and began to explore the universe. Now the level of human civilization is in the stage of three-level civilization. We will find that the interval between these three industrial revolutions is about a hundred years. Basically every hundred years, human civilization will enter a new era of industrial revolution, and the level of human civilization will also be upgraded.

Some people may say that at the present speed of human development, it only takes about a thousand years to upgrade to the most powerful level 9 civilization in the universe? In fact, this is not the case. The more advanced the civilization level is, the more difficult it will be. The time required will be geometric. It has been more than 70 years since human civilization entered the third level civilization, but it is far from the fourth level civilization.

If human civilization wants to enter the fourth level of civilization, it must usher in the fourth industrial revolution, which is also known as the revolution of energy qualitative change. The representative thing is the mastery of controllable nuclear fusion. The first three industrial revolutions were all based on traditional chemical energy. However, the energy of traditional chemical energy is limited. Now the application of chemical energy has basically reached the peak, and there is little room for further upgrading. Therefore, we will find that there has been no great breakthrough in energy in recent decades.

So how many years will it take for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion technology? Fifty years ago, scientists began to study controllable nuclear fusion. At that time, some scientists said that it only took 50 years for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion. But now 50 years later, scientists’ research on controlled nuclear fusion is still very limited, and it is still far from mastering it.

The breakthrough of controllable nuclear fusion needs breakthroughs in many scientific fields, especially in materials. However, there is still no major breakthrough in materials. To be optimistic, it is possible for human beings to grasp controllable nuclear fusion at the end of this century. This is a very optimistic situation. Under normal circumstances, it may take hundreds of years for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion technology.

It can be seen that the time taken for human beings to enter the fourth level civilization from the third level civilization is at least the sum of the first three times. It will be more difficult to break through from the fourth level civilization to the fifth level civilization, and it will take several thousand years. When the human civilization has entered the fourth level civilization, it also marks that the human civilization has initially entered the interstellar civilization. With the nuclear fusion engine, the speed of the spacecraft is expected to reach the speed of sub light. At this time, we can go out of the solar system and explore the surrounding galaxies, and the human civilization also has the ability of interstellar migration.

Five level civilization is also a major breakthrough in energy. This energy is one level stronger than controllable nuclear fusion. It may be antimatter that scientists have been studying and exploring. The antimatter engine is expected to make the speed of spacecraft infinitely close to the speed of light. An important sign of the level six civilization may be the realization of space leap, which is the curvelet engine proposed by scientists. Space leap can make spacecraft fly faster than light. At this time, human civilization has entered the ranks of advanced civilizations in the universe and can fly out of the Yinhe system for exploration.

It’s hard to guess what will happen after the seventh level civilization. If we reach the Ninth level civilization, we may have the ability to cross the universe and explore the ultimate mystery of the universe. Even if the universe is pluralistic, the Ninth level civilization will have the ability to leave the universe and go to other universes. For human civilization, it will take a long time to upgrade from the current three-level civilization to the nine level civilization, which may take tens of millions of years, billions of years or even longer.

However, the development speed of human civilization is very fast. As long as we can continue to develop, when the sun comes to the end of life, human civilization may have become the overlord of the universe and the nine level civilization at the top of the pyramid. We are looking forward to that day.

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