How is the civilization power of the universe divided? How powerful will the highest level of civilization be?

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, but it is only a few million years since mankind was born on the earth, and it is only 10000 years since the Neolithic age. The Neolithic age is the beginning of human civilization, and the great development of mankind. If you want to ask what period is the fastest development of human beings, it must be 300 years ago when the industrial revolution began. Human beings entered the road of scientific and Technological Development from the industrial revolution. It took only a few hundred years to realize the dream of flying to the sky and go out of the earth to explore the universe.

When human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, they will know the insignificance of the earth and human beings. At that time, the first thing we thought about was how many intelligent civilizations like human beings in such a vast universe? Many people may ask: Xiaobian, why don’t you say whether there are alien civilizations in the universe? In fact, there is no need to doubt this question. If human beings think that we are the only intelligent life and civilization in the universe, what is the difference between us and frogs in the well.

Therefore, there is no doubt that there is an alien civilization in the universe. Scientists do not doubt whether there is an alien civilization in the universe. Instead, they try to explore and find an alien civilization and try to get in touch with it. The development time of human civilization is too short compared with the age of the earth, and it is insignificant compared with the age of the universe.

If there are many intelligent civilizations in the universe, their birth time and development time must be different. Some civilizations may be behind human civilization, while others may be hundreds of millions of years earlier than human civilization. Their strength is beyond our imagination. So what is the division of civilization power in the universe? How powerful will the highest level of civilization be?

In fact, no one knows how to divide the civilization level of the universe. It’s only about half a century since human beings went out of the earth to explore the universe. Now we can’t even go out of the solar system, and we don’t have contact with the really powerful alien civilizations in the universe. Naturally, we can’t understand the specific criteria for dividing the strength of various civilizations in the universe. However, according to their own understanding and conjecture, some scientists have made a classification standard for the strength of cosmic civilization and divided the strength of cosmic civilization into these seven levels.

First class civilization, also known as planetary civilization. Its standard is that human beings can easily board the planets in the solar system. Judging by this standard, mankind still has a long way to go from a first-class civilization. After human beings came out of the earth, the only one who has ever landed on the moon is the moon, which is only a satellite of the earth, not the eight planets of the solar system. That is to say, until now, mankind has not achieved any manned landing on the planet.

Now the exploration of the solar system is also speeding up. Many probes have been launched to explore mercury, Venus and Mars. Remote probes have also been launched to explore the edge of the solar system. Let’s take Mars as an example, which has received the highest attention from human beings. Now we have just landed a probe on Mars. It may take about 10 years before a manned landing on Mars. It is still far away from the goal of landing on the planets of the solar system easily. If it develops fast enough, it may achieve this goal by the end of this century and achieve a first-class civilization.

Secondary civilization can be called stellar civilization, and its standard is to use the energy of stars for civilization. Every small galaxy like the solar system has at least one star like the sun, and nuclear fusion happens all the time inside the star, which is a kind of clean, pollution-free, inexhaustible and powerful energy.

The development of a civilization is inseparable from resources and energy. With the rapid development of civilization, the demand for energy will naturally increase. In the universe, the energy of stars is huge. If we can collect and absorb the energy of stars, this civilization will reach the second level civilization. Take the solar system for example, the sun is a star, but the reason why the earth can give birth to life and human beings is inseparable from the energy of the sun.

Although we are using some solar energy now, it is only generously given to us by the sun. The real use of solar energy needs to be close to the sun or even enter the sun to collect and absorb the energy of the sun. This is very inconceivable for human beings. We need to know that the surface temperature of the sun is more than 6000 degrees, and the internal temperature is even higher. Our spacecraft is close to the sun now I can’t do it.

Scientists have found more than once a huge UFO near the sun through the detector, which is about the size of the earth and is not the material thrown out by the sun. Scientists speculate that this may be a spaceship of alien civilization, and the purpose of approaching the sun may be to collect the energy of the sun, so the strength of this civilization has at least reached the second level civilization.

The third level civilization can be called a small galaxy civilization. It can easily shuttle between galaxies like the solar system. Only when it reaches the third level civilization can it be regarded as a preliminary interstellar civilization. Such a civilization has at least mastered the technology of light speed flight, otherwise it will not be able to shuttle between galaxies. We need to know that the distance of the universe is calculated in light years, even if the speed of the spacecraft can reach The speed of light and the number of galaxies that can be explored are also very limited. It is impossible to explore the whole galaxy.

The fourth level civilization can be called the megagalaxy civilization. The civilization that has reached this level has the ability to fly faster than light. At this time, it can fly out of the galaxy and explore other large galaxies, such as Andromeda, which is the nearest galaxy to Yinke. The fourth level civilization is the real interstellar civilization. It does not need to be bound in the Milky way. It can jump out of the circle of the Milky way and go to other big galaxies to explore. The fourth level civilization is already a relatively powerful civilization in the universe.

Level 5 civilization can also be regarded as a big Galaxy civilization. The biggest difference between level 5 civilization and level 4 civilization is that they have the ability to make wormholes. This speed is far faster than the speed of light. Although the fourth level civilization has the ability to fly faster than the speed of light, it is not fast enough. It will take a long time to reach the Andromeda Galaxy nearest to the Milky way. However, the wormhole shuttle of the fifth level civilization is also faster than the speed of light, but this speed is far faster than the speed of light. Even a wormhole can directly connect the Milky Way galaxy and Andromeda galaxy, and then cross the wormhole to arrive soon.

Level five civilization has the ability to create wormholes. It is possible to explore the universe far away. It is possible to explore the edge of the universe. Level five civilization is the advanced civilization of the universe and has the power to explore the whole universe.

Six level civilization can be called latitude civilization. With the continuous improvement of civilization strength, we have more and more knowledge of the universe, time and space. Although some scientists have also put forward the concept of latitude, we have no idea what latitude is and how to raise and lower it. However, with the continuous improvement of civilization level, reaching level 6 civilization, we have the technology and ability to go to other dimensional space.

The most powerful ability of level 6 civilization is that it can enter different dimensional space, and it can also produce powerful dimensional weapons, which can reduce the dimension of space somewhere in the universe. Just imagine what will happen if the solar system is reduced from three-dimensional space to two-dimensional space? That represents the disappearance of the solar system into the universe. What a terrible dimensional weapon that has only appeared in some science fiction novels.

Seven level civilization can be called God level civilization, which is the highest level civilization in the universe. Seven level civilization has completely grasped the ultimate mystery of the universe, understood what the universe is, the origin and ultimate destiny of the universe. But for us, the seventh level civilization is the most powerful civilization in the universe. However, it is not until we know the truth of the universe that we realize that the seventh level civilization is just the beginning.

Modern science has put forward the concept of multiverse, and also found some concepts of multiverse existence in the universe. Modern physics believes that the universe originated from the big bang of singularity, and we know nothing about how the singularity came and what is outside the universe. If you want to know the situation outside the universe, you can only become a seven level civilization. Standing at the top of the pyramid of cosmic civilization, you can go out of the universe, explore the world outside the universe, and explore other universes.

Maybe the seventh level civilization is the most powerful civilization in this universe, but in the wider space outside the universe, we find that the seventh level civilization is only a lower level civilization in the larger universe, and the journey of a more powerful civilization has just begun. After reading these, my friends may feel that human beings are too small to reach the first level of civilization, and they don’t know when they will reach the highest level of civilization.

Other friends may have a question: is there a level 6 civilization and a level 7 civilization in our universe? Actually, no one knows. We don’t know how long it will take to develop from a first-class civilization to a seventh class civilization. But this time is certainly not a small number. Hundreds of millions of years, billions of years or longer? Millions of years, tens of millions of years, can not make a civilization from the first level to the seventh level.

The higher the level of civilization is, the more difficult it is to promote it. For example, it may take about a hundred years for us to enter the first level of civilization, and it may take about a thousand years for us to go from the first level to the second level. It may take 10000 years for the second level civilization to be upgraded to the third level civilization. By analogy, it may take billions of years for a level 6 civilization to be upgraded to a level 7 civilization. Our universe is only 13.8 billion years old. During the period when the universe was just born, the universe is still very unstable. It is impossible for life to be born. When the universe is stable, it will be billions of years later.

According to the conjecture of scientists, our universe began to stabilize about 8 billion years ago. At that time, the universe had the conditions for the birth of life, life began to appear constantly, and civilization was born slowly. In 8 billion years, it may not be easy for a civilization to grow from a first-class civilization to a seventh class civilization all the way. Moreover, the road of civilization development will not be smooth sailing. Whether a civilization level can be safely promoted all the way is also an unknown.

The universe is also a world of the jungle, and there must be wars among civilizations. Once there is an interstellar war between civilizations, it is possible to directly lead to the end of a civilization. Therefore, there may not be six or seven civilizations in our universe now, but there must be civilizations that have made rapid progress in this direction. We hope that human beings can speed up their pace and have already grown up For the top civilization in the universe.

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