How is the level of cosmic civilization divided? What level of human being is the truth frightening

The universe is vast and huge, and there are many civilizations in the universe. Life is common in the universe, and we don’t want to know it now. Life is not common in the universe. The main reason why human beings haven’t found life or even aliens in the universe is that the level of our human civilization is too low. We can’t even go out of the solar system, let alone look for extraterrestrials Life is over.

The universe is a big family with countless civilizations. There must be a hierarchy. We divide civilization into ten levels. Reaching the ten levels is the highest level of civilization in the universe, which is the existence of God. The ten level civilization has found the essence of the universe. The first level civilization is only a primary civilization, and can make simple firearms. For example, the ancient feudal society is equivalent to the first level civilization, and the second level civilization has the ability to explore the universe initially. With developed industry, detectors and satellites are commonly used tools to explore the universe, while the current science and technology of the earth belongs to the later stage of the second level civilization.

The later the civilization level goes, the more difficult it is to upgrade. Sometimes it may take tens of thousands of years or even more to upgrade a level. The third level civilization is the real interstellar civilization. With its own spaceship, the kinetic energy system of the spaceship has also been greatly improved. We can develop some planets near our own galaxy and initially fly out of our own galaxy. Therefore, if human beings want to fly out of the solar system, they can only do so until the third level civilization. At present, we even have free access to the earth and space There are no spaceships.

It’s not so easy for a third-class civilization to be upgraded to a fourth class civilization. An obvious sign of a fourth class civilization is the realization of controllable nuclear fusion. To evaluate the level of a civilization, energy utilization is an important reference, and controllable nuclear fusion is the sign of a fourth class civilization. Once it is realized, it marks that the civilization has entered the fourth class civilization. At this time, the energy burst out Ming will never be bothered by energy problems any more. Controllable nuclear fusion can bring qualitative changes to the speed of spaceships. Controllable nuclear fusion engine can make the speed of spaceships reach sub light speed, which can explore the further distance of the universe.

The mark of the five level civilization is the breakthrough of the speed of light. Controllable nuclear fusion can’t make it reach the speed of light. The speed of light is an important mark to measure whether a civilization has entered the ranks of advanced civilizations. Only the speed of civilized spacecraft reaches the speed of light, which is of great significance. At this time, civilization will really rise, and there will be a strong one in the civilization family of the universe.

Level 6 civilization is the application of black hole. Black hole is known to be an energy source, but to use the energy of black hole, it needs to reach level 6. At the same time, level 6 civilization will also use black hole as a weapon. Black hole cannon may be the strongest weapon of this civilization, one shot can destroy a planet.

The seventh level civilization is the realization of the speed of light. The speed of light is not fast. The speed of light is different. The civilization at this stage is also extraordinary.

The symbol of the eighth level civilization is the preliminary application of dark matter, which accounts for 90% of the universe. The life entering the interstellar civilization knows that there is a lot of dark matter in the universe, but it is difficult to use it for their own service. The eighth level civilization has mastered some secrets of dark matter and can make preliminary application. The dark matter cannon is its strongest weapon, which can be destroyed with one shot A galaxy.

The hallmark of the Ninth level civilization is the realization of man-made wormholes. Modern human beings have discovered the existence of time-space tunnels and know that wormholes can be realized in theory. However, to truly achieve man-made wormholes, we must first understand the research of dark matter. Wormholes are an important application of dark matter. With the realization of man-made wormhole, there is no longer any distance between the universe. At this time, it is very easy for civilization to go to any corner of the universe. At the same time, some final secrets of the universe are gradually discovered.

The level 10 civilization is called the divine civilization. At this time, the secrets of the universe have been basically solved. However, when it comes to the level 10 civilization, there is no excitement of civilization upgrading. On the contrary, there is some fear, because at this time, we may have found out what the essence of the universe is. We have conjectured the existence of the multiverse for countless times. At this time, we understand that our universe is just an ordinary universe in the big universe. The level of the universe has reached the highest level. At this time, we have to consider leaving the universe and entering the big universe. But when we get to the big universe, the proud level 10 civilization has only the lowest waiting.

The universe is so cruel. When you are weak, you dream that you will become king one day when you become strong. However, with the improvement of civilization level, you find more and more that the truth of the universe may not be too good. The higher the civilization level, the more awed the universe.

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