How likely is life on Mars? Scientists may analyze fossils from 3.5 billion years ago

Since human beings explored the universe, they have never given up looking for extraterrestrial life. Scientists believe that Mars is the most likely planet in the solar system to have life. Therefore, in recent decades, human attention to Mars is very high. Many probes are arranged in the outer orbit of Mars, and there are two terrestrial Mars probes on the surface of Mars. Not long ago, NASA launched a new Mars Land Rover, which shows that human beings are still looking forward to the possibility of life on Mars.

Mars and the earth are very similar, the same rocky planet, science infers that Mars in 3.5 billion years ago, the environment is similar to the earth, the same warm environment, liquid ocean, but later do not know what reason Mars destroyed, became the present situation.

The most important way for scientists to study the life forms of ancient earth on earth is through fossils. Fossils are not deceptive. Scientists have discovered 3.5 billion years old earth fossils on earth. Through the study of life in fossils, we can infer what the life forms of the early Earth were like.

The same method is naturally suitable for Mars. If life did exist on Mars 3.5 billion years ago, there may be life fossils in the rocks underground. If we can find Mars fossils and find life in the fossils, we can confirm that life did exist on Mars.

However, it is not easy to mine underground minerals on Mars. With our current technology, it is still very difficult to do so, and the Mars Land Rover is only active on the surface, so it is impossible to get the fossil minerals that may exist underground.

If you want to find evidence of life on Mars, the best way is to land a man on Mars. Only when a man lands on Mars, you may find some evidence of life on Mars, or you may find some ancient fossils on Mars, proving that life really existed on Mars.

In fact, in many Mars images sent back from the Mars probe, scientists are basically sure that there is a great possibility of life on Mars, but whether there is life still needs further investigation. In fact, scientists are basically sure that there was life on Mars, and they are more interested in whether there was civilization on Mars.

The existence of life on Mars and the existence of civilization are two different results. If Mars was a green planet like the Earth billions of years ago, there is a greater possibility of civilization. Isn’t there a lot of myths and legends about the existence of Martians on earth?

If there had been a Martian civilization on Mars, it is impossible to remove all the traces on Mars. It is bound to leave some traces of civilization, and there may be new discoveries under the surface of Mars. But it’s still a long way off for human beings.

It’s not far away for human beings to land on Mars. Only when human beings really land on Mars in the future, can we carry out more detailed investigation and Research on Mars, especially under the surface of Mars. Maybe we will find something extraordinary on Mars, even the underground remains of Martians.

If we find traces of the existence of civilization on Mars 3.5 billion years ago, it is also possible to uncover the mystery of the origin of human beings. What do you think of it? Do you think there is any possibility of life on Mars?

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