How long can human beings survive? Scientists decided to adjust the “Doomsday Clock” again this year!

With the development of human civilization, the change of the earth has gone beyond human imagination. Especially in recent years, extreme disasters appear more and more frequently. Many people are worried about the future. What will the earth look like in the future? Can we continue to live? Scientists believe that the current earth’s environment has reached a critical point, such a change is irreversible, so many countries also focus on interstellar migration.

Doomsday clock time adjustment

Recently, frontier of conservation science magazine issued a warning that human beings are facing a terrible situation, and we are about to usher in the next round of mass extinction. In order to monitor the earth’s environment and raise people’s awareness of crisis, scientists set the doomsday clock in 1947. I believe everyone is very familiar with this virtual clock face. Every time the earth’s environment changes dramatically, scientists will adjust. Every adjustment of the doomsday clock also means that the disaster is getting closer and closer to everyone.

With the change of the earth’s environment, the speed of the doomsday clock is faster and faster. In particular, combined with the latest data of scientists, they think that the Apocalypse clock may have to be adjusted again in 2021. Such a move is not a good thing. In 2019, there will be only “two minutes” left for the end of the world. In 2020, the end clock will be only 100 seconds away from midnight. That is to say, human beings are only 100 seconds away from the end of the imaginary clock. Of course, this is not the time in the real world. The time of the end clock is very macro.

The situation of the earth’s environment

Many people think that 2020 is a crucial year, and also a year of many disasters. Through what happened in 2020, I believe everyone has been aware that the earth’s environment has undergone irreversible changes. Even if human beings have made many rescue measures, it is still of no help. Although many people are looking forward to 2021, scientists believe that 2021 will continue to be extraordinary in 2020, and human beings will face more and more challenges in the future.

With the resurgence of locust plague in East Africa, locusts will destroy crops wherever they go, and people in many areas have lost their food sources. If this situation is not contained, then mankind may face a food crisis. This is not alarmist, we should raise awareness, whether it is the adjustment of the doomsday clock, or all kinds of natural disasters, which have sounded the alarm for mankind.

The disasters caused by the change of the earth’s environment are far more than that. The melting of glaciers, the release of ancient viruses and the rise of sea level are not enough for us to cope with the current scientific and technological means. So we have to restrain ourselves from now on, protect the earth and ourselves at the same time.

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