How long can human beings survive? Seeing the earth 200 million years later, scientists are sweating!

How long can human beings survive? Seeing the earth 200 million years later, scientists are sweating!

In the early days of the birth of the earth, the environment was poor, which was barren and lifeless. With the changes of the times and the birth of the first life, more and more lives will emerge in the future. They will live here and pass on from generation to generation. The earth turns into a blue planet, full of vitality. These creatures live on the earth carefree and have endless resources.

Since entering the modern society, the face of the earth has undergone earth shaking changes, becoming a gray, not only water pollution is becoming increasingly serious, the atmosphere is also seriously affected, aggravating the problem of environmental warming. Global warming affects all over the world. The most intuitive change is the north and south poles. The melting of numerous glaciers leads to the rise of sea level, and many coastal areas are inundated. In addition, ancient biological remains have been found in the dust laden permafrost, and a large number of microbial viruses have been detected. Scientists are still discussing whether there are infectious diseases. How long can human beings survive? Seeing the earth 200 million years later, scientists are sweating!

What will the earth look like 200 million years from now?

These problems have made scientists sweat and start to imagine the future of the earth. In order to make people aware of the importance of the earth’s environment, scientists simulate the earth 200 million years later, which is amazing. Not surprisingly, 200 million years later, the earth will still be a piece of blue, covered by most of the oceans. There is no obvious change on the surface. In fact, the plate structure of the earth has changed greatly. The land is mainly Europe, America and Asia, and Asia is connected with Europe. This change is unbearable. More than that, the earth’s adaptability is becoming stronger and stronger due to plate movement.

In this long time, all kinds of resources on the earth have become renewable resources, inexhaustible. Although there are so many resources, human beings have no chance to enjoy them, because there will be no trace of human existence on the earth after 200 million years. The reason for human disappearance is very simple. The endless demand for the earth and the destruction of the earth’s environment can only lead to the elimination of human beings, which is enough to witness how great the earth’s impact on human beings is.

No matter whether there are human beings or not, the earth is changing. Without human beings, the earth will become better, revitalize and everything will recover. This reminds people of houtouwan, a no man village in Zhejiang Province. At the beginning, there were thousands of residents living in this area. Because the fishermen industry was hit, they had to leave this place to make a living. Finally, it became a no man village. At the beginning, there were many people I think that the village without people will become dead and lifeless. I didn’t expect that after these people left, the place was green and full of vitality, and was completely unaffected by human beings.

It’s time for human beings to pay attention to the protection of the environment. Otherwise, there will be no human beings on the earth after 200 million. Human beings can only live in illusion. For the sake of the earth, it’s also for the future of human beings. From now on, don’t harm your life because of the impulse. What do you think of the simulation drawn by scientists? You can leave a message for interaction.

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