How long can humans last? Why does the “strange phenomenon” in Japan cause tension all over the world?

Once there was an interesting data showing that human beings might have died 2779 years ago. This number is very far away from us. Now the earth has broken through the 7 billion population barrier. With the rapid economic development, the earth is also facing great pressure. Japan recently released a set of data, and they have appeared a “strange phenomenon”, which not only has an impact on Japan’s development, but also rings an alarm to the whole world.

The development of all countries is not achieved overnight. In the backward countries with underdeveloped science and technology, they are often bullied by the developed countries. For example, once China experienced several years of Resistance War before the Chinese nation really stood up and grasped the right to speak in today’s international situation. After World War II, Japan also fell from a military power. Under the control of the United States, Japan has not completely obeyed its advice. Instead, it has greatly developed various fields, and now it has become a big power. But in the process of social development, Japan is facing a big problem.

Japan’s birth rate is getting lower and lower

We all know that Japan is under great pressure to survive. It is also one of the countries with the highest suicide rate in the world. The latest data shows that Japan’s population has shown a negative growth, and the number of new babies born each year is not even equal to the number of suicides. In the face of the huge pressure of life, people can’t even guarantee their own life. How can we talk about raising children? More and more young people choose to focus on their work. They choose to marry later or not. As a result, their birth rate is getting lower and lower, and their aging degree is deepening.

There are also such signs in our country

Today’s society has become increasingly impetuous, many countries in order to develop the economy have their own tricks. This situation is not only exclusive to Japan, many developed countries have appeared the trend of negative population growth, now China’s rapid economic development, also slowly appeared this situation. Take Xiaobian’s friends for example. Many of them choose to work in big cities, and they seldom get married before they are 30 years old. This is also the psychology of some young people, which affects the birth rate of the country to a certain extent.

The industry began to change

It can be said that this phenomenon has sounded the alarm for many countries. If the birth rate of the population can not be guaranteed and the country enters an aging society, it is bound to cause the turbulence and change of the economic industry. Many emerging high-tech industries are incompetent for the lack of energy and physical strength of the elderly. On the contrary, some sunrise industries have sprung up, and the whole society has begun to serve the elderly, which will be a huge loss for economic development. The development of the society can not be separated from the vigorous young people.

Therefore, in order to maintain the sustainable development of global economy, each country must study this situation and formulate relevant countermeasures, so as to make human civilization more sustainable. What do you think of this situation?

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