How long can humans live on earth? “Doomsday Clock” speeding up, the earth’s “end day” is coming?

In the universe, all planets have lifespan. The earth has existed for several billion years and has bred millions of lives. Human beings are the most outstanding among many species. Nowadays, the pace of our exploration of the universe is speeding up, and the study of the life span of the earth is more and more in-depth. The earth’s environment is different now. How long can human beings live on the earth if they survive in such a situation?

The life of the earth

Before the birth of life, the earth was already a part of the universe. With the rapid development of human civilization, the earth’s resources are also facing exhaustion. Without the intervention of human civilization, the earth may exist for a longer time. In the 20th century, scientists began to determine the age of the earth. According to this method, they calculated that the earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. 4.6 billion years old is simply out of reach for human beings, but it’s not a big number in the universe. How long the earth can exist depends on the solar activity. Scientists have officially calculated the life span of the sun and found the earth’s “end date”.

The end of the earth day?

Today, the sun has existed for more than 4.5 billion years. According to the calculation of scientists, its actual age is only 10 billion years. In this way, the sun has only half of its life. If the sun will eventually become a red dwarf, then by this time, the end of the earth will also come. So scientists believe that the earth may only exist for 5-6 billion years. Mankind’s wanton destruction of the earth’s environment may lead to the early arrival of the “end day”.

The earth is the only place where human beings live. If the earth has only a few billion years left, does it mean that human civilization has only a few billion years left? Scientists once claimed that the pace of the end of the world clock is speeding up, and human beings must pay attention to the protection of the earth. Many countries are faced with different degrees of natural disasters, heavy rainfall, drought, which will affect the survival of mankind, and even in the future, mankind may face a food crisis. Such a crisis is a fatal threat to mankind. If this situation can not be improved, there will be only one final outcome waiting for mankind, that is extinction.

Is space migration feasible?

After seeing such a situation, human beings must open a second choice for their own survival, that is, space migration. In addition to various natural disasters on the earth, potential threats to the universe are also very frequent. Scientists have predicted that in the future, the earth may encounter asteroid impact, which will be devastating. As a result, many countries focus on Mars.

If human want to settle on Mars, it will take hundreds of years to transform Mars. Therefore, the dream of space migration in advance is still far away. What we can do is to jointly maintain the earth’s home from now on.

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