How long can people stay up? A man stayed up for 264 hours. How long did he sleep

Sleep is an indispensable physiological phenomenon. In one’s life, sleep accounts for one third of life. The quality of sleep is closely related to human health. Regular rest can improve the quality of life, which shows how important sleep is for everyone.

However, some people think that people’s life is too short, do not waste time in sleep, then, do people really need to sleep?

Many scientists believe that sleep is just a reflection of the body. If given appropriate stimulation, it is possible to achieve “eternal life without sleep”.

Is that true? Can people really stop sleeping? Let’s take a look at the following two events.

Event 1:

In the 1940s, Soviet scientists wanted to build a super army that would not sleep. With unconditional release as a reward, we found six volunteers from the prison and asked them to stay up for 30 days.

For prisoners, compared with being in prison for the rest of their lives, a 30 day closed life is not too long. This business is cost-effective, so they all readily agree.

At the beginning of the experiment, the scientists added some stimulants to the ventilation system in order to overcome the physiological phenomenon of sleepiness and ensure that they kept awake.

When they inhale air with stimulants, their bodies will always be excited. For the first four days, they were able to keep normal, and six people also used playing cards and chatting to kill time.

But at the beginning of day 5, they began to show some anger. On day 6, the experimenters began to hallucinate.

Seeing this phenomenon, scientists think it may be just caused by nerve gas, but the worse it gets, the worse it gets.

On the ninth day, one of the experimenters had a nervous breakdown. He screamed and ran around the secret room like crazy.

Finally, after running for three hours, he fell down. Because there is a rule that the experiment cannot be interfered, it must last for 14 days. So the scientists didn’t know whether the man was alive or dead.

But then, scientists felt vaguely that the release of the nerve gas was too much and had to stop.

Who knows, in the input of fresh air, these people suddenly like a madman constantly roaring.

Scientists had to suspend the experiment and let several soldiers go to the secret room to deal with it, but the strength of these people was beyond ordinary people. A soldier’s throat was attacked by the experimenter with his bare hands.

In the end, the soldiers had to shoot, and the experimenters didn’t seem to feel the pain. The soldiers had to fight back fiercely.

What’s more strange, however, is that when forensic examiners performed autopsies, they found that these people had three times as much oxygen in their blood cells as normal people, and nine bones were crushed.

Why is that? Scientists don’t know. They can only guess that excessive doping and 14 days of insomnia caused their body changes.

Event 2:

In 1963, Randy Gardner, a high school student in California, also tried to carry out a “sleepless experiment”. Unlike the Soviet experiment, he did not use nerve gas.

At first, he stayed with two classmates. To make sure he didn’t fall asleep, the two students took turns on duty.

Later, it was discovered by a reporter who wanted to follow up. Even Professor Desmond of Stanford University is very interested in this kind of spiritual research. He personally recorded Randy’s changes, so the credibility of this experiment is very high.

Randy finally held on for 144 hours. His state is: his mind can still keep clear, but he is very irritable, and constantly insults his classmates and professors. There is also a tendency to violence. With the deepening of the experiment, Randy had a strong illusion that he felt like he was in the sea.

Two days later, Randy began to have a headache. He doesn’t even remember what he said the minute before. Two days later, 264 hours later, Randy was unable to walk. His vital signs became very confused. They stopped the experiment.

Randy was taken to the hospital. He can’t sleep. The doctor gave him some sedatives. This time he slept for 14 hours. When he woke up, all his symptoms disappeared. It’s hard for Professor Desmond to explain this phenomenon.

The above two events show that human function is very complex. Even now, with the development of science and technology, scientists are unable to study the human body thoroughly. Have you ever been sleepless? Let’s have a chat in the comments section!

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