How long can we survive when there is only one person left on the earth? You may be driven crazy by yourself!

How long can we survive when there is only one person left on the earth? You may be driven crazy by yourself!

When it comes to time stillness, it is an illusory concept. Time is constantly passing, how can it be static? South Korea once made a movie called “covered time”, which is about three children finding something that can make time still. When time is still, there are only three people left in the world. They can do whatever they want, do what they want, and master everything around them. This situation is the envy of many people.

Everyone has a dream of static time, doing everything they want to do, this feeling is very magical. Many people can not help but imagine that if there is only one person left in the world with endless resources, how long can he survive on the earth? Maybe many people will blurt out that unless they want to die, they can live on the earth all the time. Is that really the case? How long can we survive when there is only one person left on the earth? You may be driven crazy by yourself!

What will become of one person on earth?

The environment on the earth is changeable. With the increase of population, the utilization rate of land resources will also increase frequently. There is only one person left, and the land is useless. Many cities have become dilapidated because of the lack of human protection. Without the use of human beings, even the high-tech built with huge funds will gradually deteriorate. Such a life is difficult to maintain. When there is only one person left on the earth, there will be a special beauty at the beginning. Eating the food you want to eat, all resources can be used at will, and you can enjoy endless happiness. No one can restrain you, and no one can affect your mood. You can only focus on your own life every day, and everything around you can meet your needs.

But after this period of time, there will be a sense of inexplicable loneliness hit. The problems appear one after another, and it is difficult to solve. There are so many foods in the supermarket. It’s very boring for a person to taste these foods. Many foods can’t be used after the expiration date, which will bring certain damage to the body. Therefore, these foods should be prepared and eaten in advance. Otherwise, when the expiration date is over, these foods will also be thrown away as waste products.

Problems on earth

The garbage on the earth is piling up more and more, and a stench is coming. After a long time, we need to find a way for food. More than that, related facilities will stop, water and electricity transportation will become no longer convenient, when there are any physical problems, and no one sees a doctor for themselves, they can only solve this loneliness by themselves. After experiencing it once, they don’t want to experience it again. In despair, no one reaches for a hand, and in the long run, psychological diseases will appear. Without the trace of human beings, the earth becomes desolate.

After this period of bottleneck, a new owner on the earth will appear again. A person living on the earth not only has to solve the problem of food and clothing, but also has to face the threat of attack from other animals. It may become a meal for these animals if he is not careful. Therefore, the earth with only one person left is much more unbearable than we imagined. We also live on the earth, so we should cherish one life on the earth Grass and wood, all you have is not pie falling from the sky, don’t wait to lose to know regret. What do you think of that? You can leave a message for interaction.

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