How long does it take for a light speed spacecraft to fly 100 light years? Can you think of the right answer

After the birth of human beings, the first contact is light. It can be said that we deal with light every day. The birth of human beings is inseparable from light, and the growth of all things on earth is inseparable from light. Without light, plants can not carry out photosynthetic cooperation, can not produce oxygen needed for human respiration, and human beings can not continue to survive.

Although we are in contact with light every day, our cognition of light is still in its infancy. It is the most familiar and unfamiliar material. So what is the essence of light? This is a topic that has been discussed in the scientific community. Up to now, no one has been able to get an accurate answer to the nature of light. Through light, scientists have come up with two new concepts: light year and light speed.

The speed of light refers to the propagation speed of light wave or electromagnetic wave in vacuum or medium. The speed of light in vacuum is the maximum speed of natural objects, which is about 300000 kilometers per second. And the light year is the distance light travels in a year, which is a very large number for us. 1 light year is 94607304725800m.

Our standard unit of distance on earth is meters, which is limited by the size of the earth. But in the vast universe, the basic unit of distance is light years. From this scale, we can see how vast the universe is. It takes eight minutes for light to reach the earth from the sun. The diameter of the solar system is about two light-years, and the nearest star system is about four light-years.

In our understanding, the speed of light is the fastest speed of an object, so someone asked this question: if the speed of light spaceship flies 100 light years, how long does it take? Maybe many people will answer for the first time: it will take 100 years. Is the answer correct? If it is calculated by mathematical formula, the answer is OK. But when it comes to the universe, the combination of time and space, the situation is much more complicated.

Einstein once mentioned two effects in his special theory of Relativity: scale contraction and clock slowness. To put it simply, when any object approaches the speed of light, its time will slow down, and it may even reach stagnation, which is the so-called eternal state. An object flies at the speed of light. For the object itself, its time is at a standstill. Whether it flies 100 light years or 1000 light years, the time is the same for it. Time has lost its meaning.

There are two reasons. The speed of light spaceship can fly 100 light-years to reach the target. For the spaceship itself, time is stagnant, and for the person sitting in the spaceship, time is also stagnant. He will not feel the passage of time. He may just feel that the target of 100 light-years has arrived in the blink of an eye. So for people on earth, the spaceship has indeed started from the earth for 100 light years. When the speed of light spaceship returns to the earth again, 200 years have passed. However, the astronaut may feel that only a few seconds have passed. He is not old, and he is still as young as 200 years ago.

Therefore, how long does it take for a speed of light spacecraft to fly 100 light years? We need to look at it from different angles. From the perspective of the spacecraft itself, it may take a few seconds. From the perspective of the bystander, it will take 100 years. Of course, these are just an explanation within the scope of modern science. As for the passage of time when the spaceship flies at the speed of light, I believe no one knows.

Now we only think from the theoretical point of view that the speed of light flight, time is stagnant, but whether the fact is true, we still need to realize the speed of light flight in the future, in order to truly experience, then we can understand whether it is true. In fact, many people are skeptical about the speed of light and the stagnation of time. If this is the case, can a person in a machine running at the speed of light live forever, realize eternal life, and even reach thousands of light, tens of thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years in the future?

If the time of objects flying at the speed of light is really stagnant, it’s actually very simple to go to the future. You just need to fly around at the speed of light in a spaceship, and wait until 1000 or 10000 years before you finish flying. At that time, the earth has passed thousands of years, tens of thousands of years, but for you in the spaceship, you don’t feel the passage of time, which is equivalent to one time Light travel, easy to reach the future of thousands of years. Of course, it’s just a one-way ticket, and it will never come back in the future, because it doesn’t let you really cross the time channel, but uses the principle that the speed of light can make time stagnate.

Maybe you think the speed of light is impossible. But on the cosmic scale, the speed of light can only be regarded as the basic speed, which is equivalent to the basic distance unit of the earth. When ancient people did not have advanced means of transportation, they would also say that the earth is so big that it is impossible to come to an end in one’s life. But now that we have developed means of transportation, we can easily travel the distance of the earth.

The universe is vast for us now. We don’t know where the end of the universe is. We think that human beings may never reach the end of the universe. In fact, the reason why the universe is so big in our eyes is that our speed is too slow, just like the ancients walked with their feet when they went out. At this speed, it’s impossible for you to complete the earth.

So the ultimate speed of the object we know now, the speed of light, on the cosmic scale, is actually the same as that of the ancients who walked with their feet. The speed is too slow. Such a speed can never reach the end of the universe. If you want to explore the whole universe, you need thousands of times, tens of thousands of times the speed of light or even faster. As long as there is enough speed, it is not impossible to reach the end of the universe.

From this point of view, the speed of light is nothing. In our opinion, it may be the ultimate speed of an object, but it is limited by the physicists now. However, science is constantly progressing. Today’s correct theory and understanding may be wrong in the future. Now we think that the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, which may be overturned in the near future. A new set of physical system will come out. At that time, the speed limit of an object may be much higher than the speed of light.

In fact, this truth is very clear. If the ultimate speed of an object is the speed of light, and this theory is an eternal truth, what else can human beings do to develop science and space technology? No matter how advanced technology is, our spaceship can’t surpass the speed of the shell. The scope of the universe we can explore can only be limited to these galaxies near the solar system. No matter how far away the galaxies are, it will take 200000 years to cross the banking system.

If so, I believe that scientists have no motivation to struggle. No matter how hard they try, even in a few billion years, human beings will not be able to walk out of the galaxy. What’s the significance of this? The continuous development of science and technology by scientists shows that in the eyes of scientists, the speed of light is nothing. Although it can’t be realized now, it is believed that it will be realized in the near future. In the future, it will also be able to fly faster than the speed of light and even travel faster through wormholes. Only in this way can human struggle be meaningful and have the power to explore the universe.

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