How long does it take for human beings to become a first-class civilization? Just solve three problems

Millions of years ago, life on earth experienced a long 3.8 billion years of evolution, and finally gave birth to intelligent life human. The birth of human made the earth unusual and upgraded to a planet of intelligent life. After the birth of human, after millions of hardships, primitive civilization was formed more than 5000 years ago.

After entering the era of civilization, human beings grew faster and faster. In the 1860s, they completely broke away from the backward handicraft industry, embarked on the road of industrial development, and began the glorious era of science and technology. The power of science and technology is powerful. It only took human beings more than 200 years to realize the rapid development of science and technology, and have the present achievements.

With the help of science and technology, human beings have made continuous breakthroughs in various fields, and even stepped out of the earth to explore the universe. After going out of the earth, human beings continue to complete one after another feats. In 1969, astronauts successfully landed on the moon by Apollo 11, realizing the first manned landing on the moon.

Landing on the moon was only the first step for human beings to go to the starry sky. Later, we realized the exploration of Venus and Mars. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have also stepped out of the heliosphere and entered interstellar space. At the same time, human observation technology has been greatly improved, and the current observable range has reached 93 billion light years.

The more we know about the universe, the more we worry about it. Facing the vast universe, people have been thinking: does alien civilization exist? In fact, we already know the answer to this question, but we are not willing to face it. The existence of alien civilization is bound to produce a lot of changes in the future of mankind. For the whole human civilization, the existence of alien civilization is not only an opportunity but also a crisis.

It has been 13.8 billion years since the birth of the universe. In such a long time, intelligent life should be born in different periods. If so, the strength of alien civilization is also different. Some may have already become a cosmic civilization that can cross the stars, while others may still be in a very primitive stage, still using sticks and stone tools. So where is the strength of human beings in the cosmic civilization?

In 1964, Soviet astronomer Nikolay Kardashev conceived the level of alien civilization, and divided the cosmic civilization into three levels by mastering different energies. Later, scientists further refined the classification, and came up with the seven level classification standard of cosmic civilization.

According to the energy standard, it means that all the energy on the parent star can be used. The first level civilization is also called planetary civilization. If it is according to this standard, then the current level of human civilization is not even level 1, but level 0.7 at most.

Seeing such a result, I believe many friends are very disappointed. In fact, it is a more accurate standard to divide the strength of cosmic civilization by mastering the energy level, which has been generally recognized by the scientific community. Through these, we can also see that although human beings have stepped out of the earth, they are still very weak, far from being able to compare with those powerful civilizations in the universe.

Of course, the road has to be taken step by step. After all, there is still too much time for human development. It is amazing that science and technology can be developed to the present situation in more than 200 years. For human beings, the first step towards the starry sky has been completed, so the second step is to strive to become a first-class civilization. How long will it take for human beings to become a first-class civilization? Scientists think that only three problems can be solved.

1、 With the realization of controllable nuclear fusion, energy is the cornerstone and key to the development of scientific and technological civilization. The reason why human science and technology have developed so fast for more than 200 years is that we have made continuous breakthroughs in the application of fossil energy. Every breakthrough in energy can bring a great progress in science and technology, but with the rapid development of human science and technology, the potential of fossil energy has been basically developed to the extreme, it is difficult to have a huge improvement.

If human energy wants to achieve a major breakthrough, it needs a more powerful energy to replace fossil energy. There are four kinds of energy that are more powerful than fossil energy in human cognition, namely, nuclear fusion, antimatter, negative energy and dark energy.

Among these four kinds of energy, the nearest is nuclear fusion. As early as last century, scientists were actively exploring controllable nuclear fusion. Its energy level is not only several orders of magnitude of fossil energy, but also a completely clean and pollution-free energy.

More importantly, once controllable nuclear fusion is realized, human beings can develop more powerful nuclear fusion power, which can allow spacecraft to enter and leave the earth freely. At that time, we can sail freely in every corner of the solar system, and the preliminary space age will come. With the power of free navigation, human beings can get rid of the shackles of the earth’s resources, and the resources of the entire solar system can be used by us.

Although controllable nuclear fusion is a very powerful energy, which can lead human beings to the stars, it is not easy to realize it. As early as 50 years ago, some scientists confidently said that it only took 50 years for human beings to master controllable nuclear fusion.

But now, 50 years later, we have only taken the first step on the road of controllable nuclear fusion, and we are still thousands of miles away from the real realization. Now, no scientist can confidently say that in another 50 years, controllable nuclear fusion will be realized and widely used. According to the conservative estimate of scientists, it may take at least 100 years for human beings to achieve controllable nuclear fusion.

2、 Energy is the cornerstone of the development of science and technology, and materials are the guarantee of the development of science and technology. A lot of science and technology to be applied to reality, all need materials to support, if materials science can’t get a breakthrough, then even if the energy upgrade, then a lot of science and technology can only be on paper, can’t be applied to practice.

Let’s take controllable nuclear fusion as an example. To ignite nuclear fusion, we need a high temperature of hundreds of millions of degrees Celsius, which is beyond the endurance of any material at present. We should know that the strongest high temperature resistant material for human beings is only 4000 degrees Celsius, which is 108 miles away from 100 million degrees Celsius.

Of course, scientists do not expect human beings to be able to achieve materials that can resist 100 million degrees Celsius in a short time. Therefore, the research direction of controllable nuclear fusion scientists is to use magnetic confinement. Even if magnetic confinement is applied, we do not need materials that can resist 100 million degrees centigrade high temperature, but we still need a more powerful high temperature resistant material, otherwise controllable nuclear fusion will not be realized.

It can be said that the reason why controllable nuclear fusion is difficult to achieve is largely due to the material. If we can make a major breakthrough in materials science, we may not be far away from the realization of controllable nuclear fusion.

3、 With the breakthrough of life, the first-class civilization is planetary civilization, which has been able to explore the parent Galaxy freely, and even get out of the parent galaxy and preliminarily explore other nearby galaxies. However, we should not forget that the environment of the universe is totally different from that of the earth. It is a very harsh and complex environment.

The universe is a dark and cold vacuum environment, and there are all kinds of cosmic strong radiation. All these are fatal threats to human beings. As long as the human body is exposed in space for a short time, it will be completely destroyed. Even if you put on your spacesuit and hide in the space capsule, you will also be injured by microgravity and cosmic radiation.

The future of mankind is to go to the starry sky. We need to survive in the space environment for a long time. With today’s weak human body, even if we are given a spaceship, we can’t go out of the solar system to explore. Therefore, it is very necessary for human beings to explore the universe, become a first-class civilization and upgrade our physical quality.

It may be said that the evolution of life is endowed by nature, and everything depends on nature to complete the upgrading of life. But the evolution of nature takes a long time. Can humans wait? If we rely on nature to achieve the breakthrough of life, the hope is very slim. What should we do?

In fact, after entering the era of science and technology, human beings have begun to explore and study life. Gene technology is a science to study the mystery of life. As long as the gene technology can make a major breakthrough, then through the gene technology, we can make all kinds of modifications to the human body, so that our body can adapt to the complex and harsh environment of the universe.

The above three problems are the three obstacles to the progress of mankind towards a first-class civilization. As long as we break through all of them, human beings can be upgraded to a first-class civilization. Only by becoming a first-class civilization can human beings get rid of the shackles of the earth and have the strength to fight against the forces of nature.

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